View Full Version : T: DS won't run properly in a higher resolution

17th May 2010, 22:02
I just downloaded T: DS off of steam, and I'm running it on windows 7, with plenty of horsepower to run this classic. I downloaded the widescreen app and got it to run fullscreen on my widescreen monitor. Everything is gret with the game, except...

Every time I want to load a savegame, or finish a mission, or go through one of those veils of fog to another area, it freezes. When it happens when i try to finish a mission, I even get the cursor I should have, and I can move it. But that's it.

the funny thing is, if I dump the resolution down to 800x600 before area transitions or completing a mission, then it works fine. I also have to do this when i fire up the game to be able to load my saves. Then, when I'm ingame, I can bump the res up, and then load a save. As soon as I load the save, it goes back to the resolution I want.

So yeah, the game technically works, but it's a real pain. Any ideas on how I can stop having to do this stupid dance to get the game to work? Thanks for any help.