View Full Version : Kane and Lynch (and IO!) Invade Hearts of Iron 2

17th May 2010, 01:19
If you don't know what Hearts of Iron 2 (HOi) is it is a grand strategy game where you control a country from 1936 to 1964. Its an addicting and quite easily modded game. While playing as Denmark, a weak country in-game, I added IO as a tech researcher, for an advantage ingame and for kicks, soon this turned into a bunch of leader pictures and generals. Tell me what you think.

Kane decides what he can't do after he is placed in command of 10,000 soldiers

The original idea for this mod, an IO tech team, works with their logo and upgraded skills

Karsten Lund leads Denmark in a cruel Dictatorship

But alas, it is The7 who posess the real power

Wait, who the hell gave Lynch an army?!?!

So tell me what you think. I may start an AAR (after action report, google 'HOi2 AARs') depending on how I feel.

17th May 2010, 21:39
God damn it, we're all going to get conquered by Denmark. Our one hope is that Lynch snaps and demolishes his own country with those tanks that some idiot put him in charge of.

...This is pretty awesome and full of lulz.