View Full Version : Rescue Dr. Young Explosive Gel Gun Problem

16th May 2010, 16:44

As title says,

I have a problem in saving Dr. young part

90% I knew what is it from

the explosive gel gun have 3 shots

when I spray on the either of the walls to finish this part

the explosive gel gun finishes the 3 shots on one wall only

so I don't have any other shots to spray on the other wall

this is a youtube link about the part I'm talking about but the xbox version


thank you and waiting your help


17th May 2010, 09:41
You don't need to put
three gels on one wall.
Just put one gel
on each of the two weak walls.

Then when you detonate them, they'll take out both sets of thugs
- simultaneously -

17th May 2010, 13:31
Really? All I needed to use was one gell shot and took all the thugs with ease.

18th May 2010, 20:11
Solved, Thanks.