View Full Version : Sentinal needs a fix to its landing.

27th Mar 2014, 02:28
I love the sentinal but it doesnt always land when I try to. sometimes i end up flying circles around a guy i am trying to land next to. if I press space bar while im in the air, I should stop flying, PERIOD. Why does this only work half the time?!

27th Mar 2014, 07:13
Are you in the abduct animation? You can't land while abduct is active, that is intentional. Pressing space should make you land though.

27th Mar 2014, 23:15
I've also found that I sometimes have to hit space several times to land (while not attempting a grab.)

27th Mar 2014, 23:22
I have this problem too... I really do not like how he flies in circles and you are trying to land and also can´t do any sharp turns when trying to grab somebody :/