View Full Version : "Offensive Action" mission made impossible

14th May 2010, 21:47
I'm playing JC2 on PS3. There is a faction mission for the roaches called "offensive action." It's in the bottom right of the map. To do this mission you have to get inside a millitarty base and destroy 5 silos. The problem is that I've already completed this base 100%, so when I get there the silos are already destroyed. They have the red "health bar" above them but nothing can hurt them. I've tried just about everything to bring the silos back, including leaving the mission area, dying, selecting restart from checkpoint, but nothing works. If I do restart from the checkpiont the destroyed silos become invisible and all you can see is the red health bar. They're still there - you can shoot at them and grapple to them but they still cant be destroyed. Is this one of the problems that the patch will fix? The game downloaded some kind of update the other day, but it didn't fix the problem. Anyone know where I can find out what this latest update was for?

15th May 2010, 03:16
I have heard several reports [myself included] of players not being able to complete missions or unable to achieve 100% completion of an area because items were previously destroyed.

In retrospect it is probably best if you leave the bases / oil platforms associated with missions alone until the mission. The trick is knowing which are associated with missions, however.

The oil platform that gets "buggy" is the closest one to the airport at which you get the Reapers' "Black Gold" Mission.