View Full Version : A little game i want you all too play.

13th May 2010, 09:52
Ok this game is great but is very very harsh indeed! Do not get mad at the first level, just give it a couple hundred tries as it is a tricky game.


What you guys think?

You will get angry alot lol, i gave up on the first level. What sadistic prick made this game? Isn't enough puppies to kick because of this game.

13th May 2010, 09:59
Whaha! I love this!!!

"This is a trap" ... "But so is this one."

EDIT: made it to level 2. It is, in fact, made by a sadistic prick. Still, I love it :)

13th May 2010, 10:28
Lol, i gave up a few mins after that part. God that made me cry near the beginning when a few blocks appeared in front of you and i got crushed from 2 moving blocks.

EDIT - It's a evil little game.

13th May 2010, 11:12
Ha ha thats fun !! love the "this is a trap too" , made me laugh out loud !

13th May 2010, 12:44
The game is a *****, i gave up once again can't get past a certain part.

13th May 2010, 19:13
Evil. Ahh the music doesn't help.

4th Jun 2010, 00:46
Damn, the person who made this game was born into this world to frustrate people :D

But gotta admit I laughed alot. All those places where you would usually think "It's safe to stand here or do this" it's not! :D You gotta think opposite of normal, arrrghhh :mad2:

And yeah the music just makes stuff worse :D

4th Jun 2010, 16:36
Psh, this has nothing on I Wanna Be The Guy.


5th Jun 2010, 07:24
Psh, this has nothing on I Wanna Be The Guy.


Indeed, I tried once but never got around to complete it.

There is also another pretty frustrating game;

Got to level 10, and I don't plan on playing anymore.

But yeah, I'm sick of those insane games so I play easy & fun stuff like Fragger (http://armorgames.com/play/4085/fragger) lol