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12th May 2010, 05:25
Hi everyone....

As you may have seen, the first Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light trailer will be out this Friday on GTTV. More info can be found here as per @GeoffKeighley (http://twitter.com/geoffkeighley)'s (the host of said show) post:

http://bit.ly/aiqRSD Promo for this week's GTTV with Spiderman, Stan Lee, Green Day, and first trailer for the next Lara Croft game.

It'll then be on gametrailers.com this weekend.

Get ready!

12th May 2010, 06:50
Awesome!! Can't wait to see it!! :D

12th May 2010, 09:05
Goodie!! Can't wait!!

12th May 2010, 09:24
Thanks for the news! Looking forward to it! :)

12th May 2010, 10:46
Here's a teaser screen (by Keir, of course):

http://www.tombraider-game.de/images/stories/news_screens/2010/lcgol_trailer_screenshot_small.jpg (http://www.tombraider-game.de/images/stories/news_screens/2010/lcgol_trailer_screenshot.jpg)

Click for bigger version! :)

12th May 2010, 12:59
I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Thanks for the news!!!!

12th May 2010, 14:34
Awesome! Cant whait to see this game in action! :D Thanks, Keir!

12th May 2010, 16:21
OMG!!! I can't wait!!! The little preview made me so excited!!! AAAAHHH! Lol. :D

12th May 2010, 16:33
Awesome! :D

12th May 2010, 18:09
Ah, so I'll be able to check out the animations!:D

I'm guessing it's going to show something in terms of game play?

Cheers Keir by the way!

12th May 2010, 18:09
woot thaaank you :D

12th May 2010, 19:23
This week just suddenly got 10 times better!! I'm guessing a release date window might be shed at E3?

What, if any, pre-order goodies can we expect with LCGoL? A Totec bobblehead doll??

A t-shirt that has a picture of Totec standing at level's end and saying "Lara Croft and I - did it"

12th May 2010, 20:56
Here is a preview of the episode, there are a few seconds of the trailer in it! :eek::D

Thanks to Evan C.


12th May 2010, 21:58
The preview is already in the first post of Keir, but thanks for posting again. ;)

Max 28
13th May 2010, 03:19
YAY!!!!! Whoa, this is cool. :D

Hmm, maybe I'm getting too hyped all over again? Hehe :o

13th May 2010, 07:27
When I first saw the image of the journal book, I (for some strange reason) instantly thought of "The Book of Pooh" the children's puppet show based on Winnie The Pooh. I even sang ♫Here in the Hundred Acre Woods... Here in the Book of Pooh! ♫! I guess I've watched way too many kids shows. :o

Anyway I can't wait 'till tomorrow. :D

13th May 2010, 08:19

13th May 2010, 14:06
The preview is already in the first post of Keir, but thanks for posting again. ;)
Oh, whoops! :lol:

*feels stupid* :o

Mr Croft
13th May 2010, 18:22
Great, can't wait! :D

14th May 2010, 12:41
What time it would be in GMT+2 summer time?

14th May 2010, 18:13
Europeans, don't stay up for it. It will be aired in the US on 00.40 apparently. :o

We will see it first thing in the morning tomorrow! :group_hug::D

22nd May 2010, 07:34