View Full Version : Change camera mode during boss fight

9th May 2010, 14:19
I find this fixed cam veeeeery annoying (to be polite) during the boss fights when you play with a keyboard+mouse

I know the game is able to use the normal camera during those fights, because during one of my replay during the Ivy fight stage my game bugged and reversed to the normal cam (meaning the cam followed batman and I controled it with my mouse, just like it does during the normal part of the game, and the fight was so much more fun that way).

Question is, how can i trigger that mode?

I can understand the fixed camera mode during the Scarecrow levels, but it's 100% not necessary during the boss fights.
The last fight in Joker's arena with keybord/mouse and a fixed camera is a pain in the *** , tried 10 times already, can't get Batman to do anything good. Those parts in "2D" are a real screwup from Eidos, fighting the controls instead of actually fighting the bad guys is NOT how a game should be played.
And I won't buy a Xbox pad to play a PC game.

Is there a config somewhere that can be altered, a line of code in plain text that could be edited, to stop the game to use fixed camera?

11th May 2010, 12:36
There are quite a few posts complaining of this - myself included. No-one seems to know how to fix it to get the camera working normally. I tried an Xbox controller as someone suggested - don't - £18 for a piece of console junk that gives you the turning circle of an ocean-going liner. It looks to me as though Rocksteady forgot to correct this when they ported the game from the Xbox - Bane works fine - Ivy and Joker are ruined. I thought it made some sense with Scarecrow as that was a dream sequence anyway but it makes no sense for the other boss fights. I'm hoping they change this for the sequel.