View Full Version : FFXIV ARR: Original Soundtrack download codes

26th Mar 2014, 20:42
I just received my copy of this awesome soundtrack...

In the product details there are mentioned some download codes for ingame items...

< The first run of the soundtrack also contains a download code for a unique in-game minion! >

Within a limited number of copies from the first print run of the album you will find a serial code that allows you to download the special "Wind-Up Bahamut" minion to use in the game itself!

So i've found some codes inside the BD-Case and the booklet, But on a sticker on the outside of the package you can read the following:

Please note that the included SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS point card is only valid for the Japanese SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS services. This CD is designed for the Japanese market and may contain Japanese printed materials.

Since i can't read Japanese, i don't know where to use the codes i found or what those codes are good for.

Maybe someone here can help me out...

27th Mar 2014, 11:21
After some time trying to enter completly wrong code I can confirm that you have to go to :
MogStation>Account Services>Enter Bonus Code.

PS: minion code is on that piece of paper covering the edge of the CD case not inside of it, it took me quite a bit to find it !