View Full Version : Disappearing Items, Panau Falls Casino?

5th May 2010, 18:22
There may be an issue with items permanently disappearing form the Panau Falls Casino area if they are not collected prior to the cut scene in which Karl Blaine is rescued -- or the game is not giving full credit for items retrieved or objects destroyed there?

I've completed 342 settlements so far and have spent hours searching the casino area for the missing 12% worth of items, so I'm pretty confident there is a glitch at work here.

I played through this area initially on a harder difficulty level and received 100% credit.

From searching around, I've seen mention of this issue from about a half dozen players in various forums.

6th May 2010, 14:33
Now stuck at 368 / 369 locations completed as a result of this glitch.

Very annoying.

7th May 2010, 02:56
It gets better... after completing the game on Casual, I played through the casino mission on both casual again and on experienced.

Of course I had no trouble getting 100% both times.


20th May 2010, 15:25
This is absolutely correct (at least as far as the initial unpatched version goes).
There are exactly 2 Weapon Parts, 2 Armor Parts, 1 Cash Stash, and 1 Statue (destroy it) that all add up to 88%. If you ignore the false "sense of urgency" the game conveys (your contact never dies) and go collect all the stuff first, you will see the last item collected ups the % to 88% and then it jumps straight to Completed (funny 88% = 100%). If, however, you go get Wayland (or whatever his name is) before doing all that, his cut scene forces you out of the region and you will be stuck at 88% and NEVER get credit for completion by coming back. :( The difficulty setting doesn't matter.__Other than that, this is a GREAT game!!! Lovin' it! I just wish it had more romance. Hah! Just kidding! SMASH! BOOM! CHAOS!!! Thanks Avalanche!

20th May 2010, 16:30
Yes...there is no rush to rescue Blaine at the Casino. In spite of being drunk and only armed with a broken bottle and a pistol he can hold off the squad of troops indefinitely.:D

20th May 2010, 18:31
Are you sure about that? I am playing on the PS3 and I know for a fact that I left the Casino area, finished the mission, and came back to complete it later, after the mission, when I was doing my settlements.

21st May 2010, 06:30
It's a definite glitch. Perhaps it doesn't happen in every instance.

If you complete the mission before collecting or destroying all the items at the casino, you might not be able to go back and fully complete the settlement later.

I just now finished a replay and completed 369/369 settlements. My first playthrough is forever stuck at 368/369 because of that glitch.