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26th Mar 2014, 17:46
I was redirected to post this here instead of on the reddit, here's the post I made on reddit posted here instead.

So I love all the classes in the game, but the Sentinel is just so fun to fly around and intimidate the enemy, but the camera is so annoying as it's really hard to see anything below you, I have not seen this in game but I might not have looked close enough, but a free look camera key would be awesome, like DayZ has the ALT key I think so you can look behind you and all that.
So just a key I can hold down so I can look below and behind me instead of tilting the whole character/camera.

26th Mar 2014, 19:14
Here here to more camera customization. It would be very useful to add the option to allow users to set exactly where they would like to have the camera. For instance, you would select the option to "customize camera" and would be taken to a separate screen which showed the character and allowed you to set exactly where you wanted the camera to be located (x and y axis, etc..). Also, since the mouse wheel is not normally used to scroll through weapons, the option to scroll back and forth would be useful. In addition, allowing for a certain degree of transparency of your character would also be beneficial as sometimes your target is blocked from view by your avatar.

26th Mar 2014, 22:03
Definitely. As-is, the only way to really even get a decent view of the ground below is to tilt the whole flight path downward. Kind of defeats the purpose of scouting from above...

26th Mar 2014, 22:44
i think it is done for a reason: no not turn sentinels into flying radars.

27th Mar 2014, 07:47
i think it is done for a reason: no not turn sentinels into flying radars.

Except that's a big part of being a Sentinel. They're the scouting parties of the vampiric war effort for a reason. Half my games, I'll start as a Sent to locate the enemy for the rest of my team. Due to the weirdly-fixed camera, I often die in the effort but using them in this way is entirely valid.

Honestly, it's probably more a matter of if the camera were pointed down, the Sent would just fly into stuff. XD

27th Mar 2014, 18:52
After playing as the sentinel i see it sure needs a lot of getting used to, which i'm certainly prepared to put in.. but i agree with the OP..

As an aside from agreeing about something like a 'hold alt for free look', i think it would certainly help simply to have the camera tilted a little more downward as default if the character is airborne. So we see less of what's above us (As we don't really need to see the sky.. only what's ahead of us) .. and show us more of a downwards angle so it's easier to not go into a full dive just for the sake of looking around.

+1 to the OP's suggestion.

27th Mar 2014, 19:02
Also.. just to say i think Bobhwilson's idead of the use of the mouse wheel is a good idea too..

That would leave us free to control our character with general mouse movement, and to possibly use the mouse wheel just to tilt the view up/down appropriately... That's a good alternative.. naturally that means we can't look side to side, but we can always turn in the air as we just scan what's immediately below so i think that would be a good alternative solution.

7th Apr 2014, 16:39
It'd probably be worthwhile having all Vamp cameras centered slightly higher than they are. Mainly as you spend a lot of time tilting the camera down, whether it's to see what's below you or merely just seeing what's straight ahead of you, then you attempt to use an ability and it plants straight into the floor due to the tilt.

23rd Apr 2014, 07:02
Free look would be awesome! I think you mean something like in Primal Carnage? There's no actual button for free look but it's always on. Like this:
Also i think it would be cool to be able to adjust your speed of flight so that you can just hover and look around.