View Full Version : Just Cause 2 Aerial DLC wont appear

5th May 2010, 01:46
Hi I got this problem with the DLC where it does say i downloaded it but it wont appear in the game.

I got The limited Edition Just cause 2 for the Ps3 i got it imported from hongkong
Im downloading it from a US PSN account. anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance.:hmm:

5th May 2010, 07:01
unfortunatley all content is region locked so the only way youl be able to use any dlc is to buy it from the hong kong store or buy a us version of the game i found this out with burnout paradse i got mine from thailand and ended up buying the uk version as any dlc i got just wouldnt work. in my eyes its a bit daft having region free games but region locked content but thats the way it is sorry! :mad2:

5th May 2010, 22:48
Ah is that so Bummer. I suppose its all good, might aswell get a new copy then. Thanks for the fast reply appreciate it.

6th May 2010, 14:03
I have exactly the same problem only i bought the game for PS3 in my own UK and am registered to the UK.
I have the limited edition as well.