View Full Version : Just Cause 2 will not start up in full screen mode

Doctor Hades
2nd May 2010, 11:38
I've had this game since it was released but I'm having a strange issue with it which I didn't have before, namely that the game is refusing to start up normally in full screen mode for some reason. What happens is that it appears to be full screen but the taskbar annoyingly stays at the bottom of the screen. Two presses of Alt-Enter usually fixes this but I'm unsure whether this is an issue caused by the new Steam interface or because I'm using CrossFireX.

I'm playing the game at 1920x1200, 8xAA, 16xAF with maximum settings and have no issues with the game whatsoever, just this irritating quirk during loading.

Does anyone know what is causing this and if there is a fix? It's not a big deal, granted, but it shouldn't be happening at all as none of my other games do this.

3rd May 2010, 02:29
I have this issue all the time and solved the Taskbar becoming the primary focus so it doesn't show up. I thought I found the solution to keep the game fullscreen with this too, but it's obviously something else, it could work better for you.

Right-click on the Task Bar on the bottom of the screen and under 'Taskbar and Start Menu Properties' untick the option 'Keep the taskbar on top of other Windows'. It won't solve the game not starting fullscreen.

If your game crashes when you use Alt+Enter, this work-around will help to get you playing: You need to start your game, load your Autosave, change your Resolution setting to the next one down and click Apply and accept, now click it back to your normal resolution and click Apply and Accept. Now you can play your game fullscreen but not ideal i know.

Steam UI
I use Ati 4870 in CF too. If you think its Steam, you can launch the game without clicking through Steam by going to your Steam folder and find Just Cause 2 under common. I tried reverting back to the old Steam UI but it's here for good.

Another look through my Steam folder makes me even more certain now that it is the new UI causing issues as you'll see from this log from GameOverlayUI.exe.

Sun May 02 23:31:03 2010 UTC - GameOverlay process started
Sun May 02 23:31:36 2010 UTC - SetScreenSize( 1440, 900 )
Sun May 02 23:31:36 2010 UTC - Changing resolutions from (1676, 1026) -> (1440, 900)
Sun May 02 23:31:44 2010 UTC - SetScreenSize( 1680, 1050 )
Sun May 02 23:31:44 2010 UTC - Changing resolutions from (1440, 900) -> (1680, 1050)
Mon May 03 00:08:22 2010 UTC - Game Exit Event signalled.
Mon May 03 00:08:22 2010 UTC - Shutting down overlay

Doctor Hades
10th May 2010, 07:45
Yeah, I think it is related to the new version of Steam because I don't recall seeing this issue until recently as the game always started up fullscreen even when I was using one HD 5870 card. The game has never once crashed for me though, it's just a minor inconvenience having to press Alt-Enter twice, once to correctly centre the screen (which initially appears off-centre, slightly to the top-left) and then again to force it to fullscreen.

Doctor Hades
31st May 2010, 12:22
Is this issue ever going to be fixed? I find it annoying that this is the ONLY game out of several dozen that I have installed on my PC that REFUSES to open full screen! :hmm:

Doctor Hades
9th Jun 2010, 23:41
This bug has now been fixed in the 10.6 Beta drivers I'm using from StationDrivers (dated 17th May 2010, v8.740) and Just Cause 2 will now start up full-screen without the need to press Alt-Enter. About time.

18th Mar 2011, 09:09
I had this issue. Only the ALT+Enter trick was not working for me.

After trying to resolve the problem by reading a few forums and updating drivers.
I found the cause to be an application running in the background, in my case it was "TeamViewer", a utility used to remotely connect and administrate computers. This application allows me to share viewing of my desktop, I believe this feature was the one giving me my gaming grief.

I suspect any application that hooks into the display output may cause the same issues.

Hope this help anyone that has the same issues.

14th Nov 2014, 04:34
The same thing happens with me & the Alt+Enter Doesn't work, I have it running the resolution at 1336x768 and pushing the check with fullscreen isn't working! Please help, it keeps opening my other programs and is really annoying! :mad2: