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26th Mar 2014, 13:58
Perk system is definitely very important part of building a character. It helps us to kill and survive in many different ways. I was always looking at perks not from "fits-for-all" point of view but more from "individual increase in efficiency" perspective. Besides it is worth considering how good a single perk is comparable to other perks which also might be a suitable alternative. And here we go. HUMANS go first.

Perk which increases health gained from health stations by 100%.

Scavenger is a complete waste of slot for ANY (revealed) human class. First of all you can actually get healed for ~800 HP that is far more then enough even if your character survived the fight with 1 HP. Despite there are arrows described on the picture barely any hunter or scout will get any sufficient profit from this perk. EVEN with this 100% bonus you won't get additional clip when completely depleted your ammunition (you still get [MAX-1] number of clips after reloading). Secondly, for each character there are better options . But still Scavenger would be a great perk for some tanky human character with a lot of HP AND a lot of ammo in their pockets (i.e. 50/350 shotgun shooting 5 projectiles per shot).

My suggestion: instead of current bonus player gets "Shrine CD reduction by 100%". SO it is not 2 min CD but only 1 minute which I think is okay and not OP.

A passive human perk which reduces fall damage taken by 20%.

Needless to say - its a scout-with-grappling-hook specific perk which could possibly be highly abused in... let me think, oh in TWO specific places in Valeholm and ONE in Sommerdamm. Well to add the fact that this perk saves about 60-90 HP (20% from 300-350 fall dmg). Now I call this perk is kinda useless tspecially comparing it to "Fleet footed" and aim-assisting perks.

My suggestion: 'Catlike reflexes: a passive human perk which completely removes fall damage'. Yes, i am dead serious about this radical change. Otherwise noone in their mind wouldn't take this perk other then 'just for fun'.

A passive perk which increases HP pool by 5%.

Well I've seen it, I've tried it and now I will never ever think about using it once more. Simply because 5% is too damn low (52 HP for regular troops, 71 HP for tyrants). Omg this bonus is so pathtic that I even can't find any circumstance under which this perk could prove itself useful. You might say: "Hey I lose count how many times that reaver/sentinel get away with 1-51 HP so do not underestimate the power of dat perk"... well, simply because your aiming skill sucks (no offence) this perk won't become something greater then it is now (that is nothing). At this point this perk is a poor choice.

My suggestion: increase bonus to at least 15%. Or change it to '5% damage reduction from any melee (only physical!) attack'. The same goes also for vampires.

A passive vampire perk which increases melee attack speed by 5%.

Talking about 'vamp side' I must admit that I am okay with most of currently available perks. Well except HP boost and this one. The main reason I dont like "Frenzy" because (due to my rich experince in ME3 multiplayer which you guys have made. Speaking of which I'd like to thank you. You've done a great job!) it gives you an additive bonus, not multiplicative. This fact completely mitigate any attempts to make melee attacks REALLY faster - it doesn't give visible upgrade neither for 'fast' reaver swings nor for 'slower' tyrant strikes.

My suggestion: you can either make it acceptable for reaver/sentinel only (by making it a multiplicative bonus) or make it 'fits-for-everyone' perk (by adding 5% damage as Bleeding which will stack up after each succesful melee while renewing its duration)

For this moment that is all I've got in mind about perk system. IMO all the remaining perks got their 'place in the sun' and are balanced quite well as 'minor character upgrade' elements. Please feel free to add your own suggestions. I wonder what impressions you've got after using different perks :)

20th Aug 2014, 14:22
Due to latest changes to UW (http://nosgoth.gamepedia.com/Undying_Wisdom)/ QW (http://nosgoth.gamepedia.com/Quick_Wits) I'd like to suggest another CD related talent for both factions. Let's call 'em "Unbreakable spirit" and "Blood salvage"... So, the main idea is to make CD change dynamically i.e. with every kill character gets -20% to the remaining CD on every skill during next 15 seconds. Perk won't have any effect untill you kill somebody or use an ability.

Red text is a subject to change...

20th Aug 2014, 15:00
You could also do something like + to attack speed every swing, setting a cap at 20%, or every attack takes .5 sec off cooldown.

20th Aug 2014, 16:07
every attack takes .5 sec off cooldown. thats a general idea of this perk, yes.

20th Aug 2014, 19:25
Scavenger is useless, agreed. Maybe if your random stat item had the "-15% health from healing shrines" it would seem more appealing, but even then it's not worth taking over the other good options like Dead-eye, Tinkerer, etc.. I actually love your suggestion about lowering the shrine CD by 100%! Thinking about it, and a little off topic, shrines should probably heal for less than they currently do (maybe something like 550 HP) to encourage/force humans to move around a lot more. There are some good spots to guard as a human that have two shrines nearby (and a third pretty close by), making you never really need to leave because the timer on the first one will be up by the time you need it again.

Catlike Reflexes, yup, useless. 100% would be great, but even something like 80-90% fall damage reduction would be nice. Or... Maybe this ability could keep the current 20% but also let it lower Sentinel's kidnap/abduct fall damage (doubt it currently does)?

Blood Vitality and Vigor have always seemed useless to me. I tried it for a while on a Prophet with Sacrifice and a +health random stat item, but still didn't seem worth it compared to other options. I have never found it worth it on a Vampire with 1050 HP either, and pretty soon (when I get around to it) I'm going to try it on a Tyrant with a random stat item for +health, but I doubt even 1562 health is going to be worth it.

Tenacity, "Reduces duration of stuns by 20%", anyone ever find this one useful (and worth taking over the other good options)?

Quick Hands, "Increases Reload Speed by 15%", isn't bad by any means, but I feel like it could be upped to 20% or 25% so that it could compare to some of the other good options.

Feast, "Increases Health Restored from executing enemies by 25%", seems like it would only be used by a Tyrant, and even then why would you give the other Perk options up for this? You're probably only losing that extra health in the first place (to make this useful) because you are you using this Perk.

Nimbleness, "Increases Wall Climbing Speed by 20%", can be descent for some play styles. I'm not sure why it got lowered from 25% down to 20% though, I always felt like it should have been increased to 30% or 35% personally.

Regeneration, "Increases Passive Regen Speed by 20% and reduces the delay before Regen starts by 20%", not terrible but I feel like there are always better options. Increase the rates, OR allow you to heal more than the current 25% of your max health with Regen (30% or 35%?).