View Full Version : Dodgy Code

1st May 2010, 17:27
I just purchased JC2 and included in the box was a code for some free downloadable content. The instructions say I have to enter this via 'Games for Windows', but the code isn't working.

This was purchased new from Play.com, so the code hasn't been used.

Who do I need to contact to get it sorted?

2nd May 2010, 02:31
it's a misprint enter the code through STEAM


Doctor Hades
2nd May 2010, 11:44
It's a stupid printing mistake, presumably because at some time the game was going to be a Games for Windows LIVE title, i.e. it would have Achievements and use the Games for Windows LIVE interface.

For whatever reason this never happened so instead you redeem your code through Steam instead. If I remember correctly you go to the Game menu at the top, select Activate a Product on Steam then enter the code there.

14th May 2010, 15:56
Thank you both for the info.