View Full Version : xbox 360 game keeps freezing!!

1st May 2010, 13:05
hi i'm 64 hrs into the game and done 5 agency missions and 49 faction missions, discovered all locations and i am currently going to each one trying to 100% them all. The problem i have is that the game keeps randomly freezing :mad2: it's done it whilst just walking along, once just riding a moped & another time parachuting

has anyone else come across this problem on xbox360?

i love the game but this is doing my head in!!

1st May 2010, 14:03
tried installing the game to HD, started it up played for about 2mins & it froze again!! :confused:

ah well time for exchange shop me thinks, good game shame its so bloody buggy :(

hope none of you guys have the same problem

2nd May 2010, 02:37
70 hours here and my game froze twice

that's not bad since most video games have a freeze now and then

have you cleared your cache in awhile?

also remove the getto carpet box your now store your 360 in

ok the last comment was a joke

how old is your 360? or what version do you have?

constant freezing are the beginning signs of RROD

2nd May 2010, 23:01
yeh i tried clearing the cache, installed game to hd, deleted settings file etc still freezes, i can play for a couple of minutes then it freezes & i cant do a thing have to manually power off the console.

i'm also playing ff13 and play it for hours with no freezing/problems my other games don't freeze also

shame cuz i love this game :( dam frustrating that it's unplayable now <cries>

6th May 2010, 19:16
I had the same problem with game freezing also. I then noticed that the center of my disc started to show signs of cracking. I take extremely good care of my discs and I have never had one crack like this. I am going to start another thread to see if anybody else is having the same issues.

9th May 2010, 11:01
checked the disc (i also take very good care of my games) looks perfect, it must be a problem with the game itself as i'm having no problems with other games at all :confused: