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30th Apr 2010, 13:32
I have bought the Black Market Aerial Pack and the problem is that my Dual Thrusters parachute is not working. And since then my Chaos parachute is also not working.

I have installed all available DLC.

I started with the Black market Chaos pack which came with game via a code.
Then downloaded the ice cream truck
Then downloaded the Monster truck
And finally the Black Market Aerial Pack.

I have tried redownloading both black market DLC's without result.

When I order the dual thrusters or the chaos parachute the helicopter drops the box but don't get anything when i open it.
The plane from the Aerial DLC is working though.

30th Apr 2010, 13:56
Damn I am an idiot.
I totally forgot to press Triangle near the box

Please ignore topic