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26th Mar 2014, 06:08
Air strike immediately proved awesome as I scored a one-hit kill. Sadly, I've yet to determine effective usage of it as far as coordinating with the team (because the team was uncoordinated). Always thought Sentinel needed a less potentially-suicidal attack though so kudos. Could maybe do with a bit more damage though. (Can we establish that the bombs are stolen from the human alchemists? Because that'd be pretty cool. :D)

Sweeping Kick...I initially read this as a secondary ability so I purchased a temp version thinking I'd use Leap Attack to close in then follow through with a Kick and melee finisher. Turns out I misread. I do miss the mobility of the pouncing but I suppose that's the tradeoff for 500 damage a pop. Great lead-in to melee either way, especially with a Choking Haze tossed down immediately afterward. Good damage output. Love it.

And then...There's shadow step or whatever it was called. OP as HELL. It puts a pretty good distance between a Reaver and enemies, grants invulnerability AND the cooldown is really much too quick for the benefits granted. It's bloody impossible to bola or stun any Reaver using this power. He's gone before I even focus my aim on him half the time. Granted, I adore the ability when playing Reaver but...Yeah, this needs some balance. I'm loathe to give up that distance (never mind evasion, it's just a great mobility replacement for the pounce) so I'd suggest a higher cooldown.

Oh, and the Choking Haze's new look...The coloring blends too much as others have said. And I feel like the sludge aesthetic suits the Alchemist more given that its poison bomb was already kind of Spitter-goo-esque.

26th Mar 2014, 08:51
Air Strike - I've written it earlier, I like the idea but feel it's a little too exposed. I like to compare it to the Reaver's grenades in function, who can conveniently start the animation covered, dip out and back in quickly to release it, whereas the Sent has to hang there for his full animation, and probably will have to fly in circles in enemy fire to get back to safety. (IMO, the pronounced tells of the sent are some of the hardest to balance, as they are almost inconsequential against bad players but almost a death sentence against good ones) Suggestion: Either change it to a charge and release mechanic without movement impairment, or enable it to be thrown from the ground using the Reaver Animation.

Sweeping Kick - Honestly, when I first saw it I thought giving up Leap Attack for a melee skill would leave my mobility gutted and be a really weak choice, but the ability proved to be fun regardless. Actually I really like the idea of having kick and pounce in the same loadout, did you ever consider placing it in the q slot? I know giving up choking haze is anathema to some, but it would have some awesome synergy between initiator > melee power > escape.

Shadow Step - I don't see it as op in any way, rather gimmicky actually. If anything, I'd say it's weaker then the default evade in practice, as flying in a straight line means you will be exposed after popping out and before you can hide behind a corner. After I've grown accustomed to the mobility of Leap Attack, the charge activation and flight feel slightly too slow as well, personally I think it could do without one entirely. All in all, I don't think it is quite worth the trade for the awesome defensive power the default evade provides. Suggestions: Lose the charge up, and consider allowing us to break the shadow phase early (either e key or f again). As another idea, allow it to have limited flight controls like the Sent's diving bomb has.

I do really like the new powers, especially since it shows that you tried to deviate from the established mechanics a bit - they are not just "another flavor" of leap/grenade/insert other existing skill here but rather unique in function and change the way the classes work a bit. I realize this must be a lot more work then just slapping another color on an existing ability and call it a day, and I appreciate that.

26th Mar 2014, 22:22
as flying in a straight line means you will be exposed after popping out and before you can hide behind a corner

Most seem to use it to get behind the enemy, disappearing around corners before aim is readjusted. Even swore I saw a few somehow moving vertically with it. Evade puts up a shield but you still run away at regular pace and can be chased rather easily. This is an instantaneous distance gap, at higher speed, plus the same invulnerability (possibly more) as Evade.

And yeah, the pause to pull off an Air Strike does leave a Sentinel incredibly exposed. A charge-and-release would work wonders for it.