View Full Version : Just Cause 2 changes Nvidia desktop color settings upon launch

28th Apr 2010, 00:02
Hello, every time I launch Just Cause 2, my Color settings (Nvidia Control Panel > Display > Adjust Desktop color settings) are forced from "Use NVIDIA settings" to "Other applications control color settings". I have my gamma/contrast/brightness tuned perfectly and don't want applications to mess with them. Why does Just Cause 2 mess with this setting? No other game I have does this, and it's not appropriate. Just Cause 2 should respect the "Other applications control color settings" option.

This is quite annoying, is there a known fix for this issue?

BTW, this is not a solitary case, another user made a post in the general discussion, though I posted here as it was the wrong section:

It's not just upon launch: if I alt-tab to the desktop, change it back, alt-tab back to Just Cause 2, then when I alt-tab back to the desktop it's changed again.

Eidos Support
29th Apr 2010, 15:29
Please create a dxdiag and msinfo file (see below) and upload these to a site where we can view them from such as http://www.yourfilelink.com/.


- Click on the Windows icon located by default in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.
- In the "Start Search" field, type in MSINFO32
- Press Enter. This will start the MS System Information Utility
- Once the Microsoft System Information window appears, click System Summary on the left-hand side and make sure it is highlighted.
- At the top of the window, click File and select Save.
- When the Save As window appears, choose to save the file to the Desktop.
- Enter the name as MSINFO, then click the Save button.


- Click on the Windows icon located by default in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.
- In the "Start Search" field, type in DxDiag.
- Press Enter. This will start the DxDiag utility.
- Once the DirectX Diagnostic Tool appears, click on the Save All Information button at the bottom.
- When asked to where to save the file to, click on the drop-down box next to Save in and select Desktop.
- In File Name box towards the bottom, then name DxDiag.txt should appear. Leave this as is and click on the OK button.
- Click the Exit button to exit the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
- On the Desktop, there should be a file name DxDiag or DxDiag.txt. If there is no file with this name, please repeat the steps above and make sure to save the file to the Desktop.

29th Apr 2010, 20:06
Thanks for the response, here are my DxDiag and msinfo32 files:


Quick summary, forgot to mention this before:
Win 7 pro x64
GTX 480
197.41 nvidia drivers