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27th Apr 2010, 01:52
I just got this game yesterday and it has been a real joy. Running around doing what ever and blowing stuff up. But when I use SMG's and AR's they don't always shoot. I press the R1 button (fire) but it seems like they will only fire when they feel like it. This has been happening since i got the game and it leaves AR's and SMG's basically unusable. Is this a glitch or is it just how the game is suppose to be?

EDIT: Well I figured out what the problem was. I switched the fire buttons from R2 and L2 to R1 and L1. The SMG's + AR's take more force to fire than the Pistols do. To get them to shoot with R1/L1 you have to press the L1/R1 button with a bit more force than expected. All in all i reverted the settings back to R2 and L2 and it works fine now.


27th Apr 2010, 20:29
Hmmm... Never happened to me...

3rd May 2010, 00:06
Might be your buttons that are starting to wear out.

As you need to hit them with force.

Just a thought. :thumb: