View Full Version : my computer locks when I come the same places in the game!!!

26th Apr 2010, 20:37

I have a GOTY edition v.1.0. when "find warden sharp mission", I come in the cells block and there is a weak wall for blast explosive jel. When I go next of the wall, my computer lock and all the screen gone black. For the fix, I have to cut the energy. If I go opposite side of the wall and finish the mission, this time "posion ivy mission" in botanical garden, I try open a door but I got same problem again. I can't continue my game. I started over 3 times. I got same problems in same places. I am using a notebook but I have 2 GB Ram, Intell core 2 duo 2,40 GHz, Vista home edition and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400 XT 1023 MB. I have no problem diffirent games. Just this game!!! I searched diffirent forums but didn't find anything. Here is my last hope!!! Thanks...