View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Experience shown after round only displays 1 class

25th Mar 2014, 22:29
This occurs when multiple classes are used to gather kills throughout the round. Either experience gathered is only being shown for the last class used, or it's only accumulated for the last class ... not sure which?

edit: Just noticed this doesn't seem to have been happening lately, maybe it was fixed in latest patch. Or maybe I'm imagining things? I was sure I had seen this happen on several occasions.

26th Mar 2014, 21:31
OK, this is definitely still a real bug. Just had it happen as vampire -- only showed Reaver exp. at end of round (the most recently used class) when most of my kills were as Sentinel.

26th Mar 2014, 21:38
Are you at the level cap for the Sentinel?

26th Mar 2014, 21:57
Ohhh yea that would explain it. lol.