View Full Version : Do I need a PSN account to download patches? Not DLC.

25th Apr 2010, 21:32
Hi, recently Sony have released an update that removes a feature, so, I have refused to update and therefore can't sign in to the PSN, do I need to be on the PSN to download patches? (not to be confused with DLC)

Thanks, M_Woody

27th Apr 2010, 07:24
C'mon, how can anyone not know the answer to this? *bump*

27th Apr 2010, 11:10
Yes you'll need it, because your not 'online' whit your game. I'm playing offline most of the time, but when a game needs an update i need to sign in.

27th Apr 2010, 20:20
Hmmm... No patches for me then... Not until there's custom-firmware and all that cr@p...

Thanks for the reply anyway :)