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25th Apr 2010, 09:21
Hi there,

due to some incomprehensible reason jc2 does not support mouse4 and mouse5.
If you look around in forums, you say there prolly wont be a patch for and we should install the software of mouse manufacturer to bind the buttons to some keys on keyboard.
Well... I'm using a Logitech MX500 (best mouse ever) which is 8 years old and has no Win7 support. Thus i cannot use the logitech software to map buttons to keys. I can only use the 'generic' mouse4 and mouse5 (which works in every other game...)

Now I want to use AutoIt to press a key, when I press the button.
Therefore I have 2 questions:
- does JC2 accept simulated keystrokes by AutoIt?
- will it be detected as cheat by jc2 and therefore also in jc2mp multiplayer games?

22nd May 2010, 17:04
It is very nice to see, how much eidos cares about their paying customers
- extreme buggy game
- no native mouse4/5 support
- no support in official support forum

=> no more Eidos games in the future! GFY