View Full Version : I purchased a founders pack, why am I not getting what the email says?

25th Mar 2014, 20:12
I used Steam to purchase the Immortal pack and I received the following email from Square Enix;

Congratulations P*****s,

You have successfully purchased a Nosgoth "Immortal" Founder's Pack which includes:

Early Access* to Nosgoth
30,000 Rune Stones
"Immortal" Badge
Warband Name Reservation
5 Silver War Chest
5 Gold War Chest
Major Founder's Booster
Founder’s Reaver Skin
Founder’s Scout Bow
Founder’s Hunter Crossbow
Early access to Sentinel Class
Early access to Scout Class
6 x Weapon Name Tags
10 x Friend Invites**

It included 10 invites as well. Now ingame, I do not have any runestones. I was under the impression I would be getting Runestones back and then I received said email saying I would and nothing. Now I see some confusing posts about "Packs or Bundles" what not.

Am I getting what I was told I purchased or not?

25th Mar 2014, 20:29
The in-game store one does not give runestones. Hope that solves the issue for you, they just didn't make two separate emails for pack vs bundle, it's all standardized. I asked this same question in the thread posted about this.

25th Mar 2014, 20:46
Hope that solves the issue for you

It does not. I was told I was getting runestones, and I have not received them.

25th Mar 2014, 21:03
I would contact Support and try to get a refund. The confirmation e-mail they've sent you doesn't match what's actually in the in-game content pack. The initial blog posts on the Founders packs misled a number of people into believing the in-game packs contained runes, but they don't; only the full (still unreleased) Founders packs do.

25th Mar 2014, 23:43
You currently can´t buy Founder's Packs, only Founder's bundles. I´ve been informed that the email you received is incorrect as you purchased Immortal Founder's Bundle, not the pack. We are trying to resolve this issue asap. In the meantime, thanks for your patience!

26th Mar 2014, 00:34
Hey Batmon, can you contact our Tech Support? (https://support.nosgoth.com/system/templates/selfservice/nosgoth/#!portal/1001) They will try to help you sort your issue out if possible.

26th Mar 2014, 08:56
sorry just thought we got runes stones with the package. honestly the games great and 50 bucks to the devs for busting their ass to make this product isn't gona kill me. Thx for the awesome game psyonix and square enix. deleted my post cause idk its well worth it for the enjoyment ill get out of the game. still some runes would be nice ;) haha

26th Mar 2014, 13:30
Hi Poppios,

Sincere apologies for the error in the confirmation email. You will not be receiving 30,000 Runestones for spending 10,000 Runestones. Sorry.

For any people who purchase the in-game bundles in future, the confirmation email has been corrected.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

~ Xenonetix ~