View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Select Region Broken

25th Mar 2014, 18:42
The new select region (any, EU, NA) does not even work most of the time. I have selected NA and still get put into an EU match and this happens often.

I would also like to suggest to the devs that if I get into an NA lobby, I don't want the lobby merge to merge me into an EU lobby. It should only merge lobbies based on region. I would rather just wait a bit longer for more people from NA than be forced to play in an EU server.

25th Mar 2014, 18:45
I'm selecting NA and I am still getting put in to EU lobbies.

25th Mar 2014, 18:53
made a thread here:http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=11639

one of the threads should get closed

25th Mar 2014, 21:35
Found issue, will be fixed in next patch (soon)

27th Mar 2014, 17:23
Any ETA on the next patch? Chat and region select bugs are horribly annoying, not to mention 3v5 games.