View Full Version : Invisible fire on a relic (that deals damage!)

25th Mar 2014, 17:55
While playing as a Vampire in Freeport for some reason I once decided to go exploring the shipwrecks just outside the dock (we must have been 3vs4 or something). I found out one ship hosts an invisible fire that can kill you.

Stare at the sea and walk on the short pier at about the center of the sea line; there is a cabinet, you can climb over it (you can do this only as a Vampire) and the pier continues on the other side. Move on until you reach the end of the pier, then turn right: there are a couple of broken ships in front of you. One of them glows red, even if there is nothing over it. If you land on it (Pounce, Tyrant Jump or Sentinel fly are required) you can find the exact spot where the fire is supposed to be, which is more or less in the center of the glowing effect. The fire also deals damage, actually a lot: the first time it killed me before I even realized I was being hit.

I checked it again a couple more times, it's always there, it wasn't a bug of that single match.

Maybe the fire is meant to show and for some reason it doesn't (I'm playing with low settings BTW)? Or you guys decided to remove it, but accidentally left the glowing and the damage-dealing effects?

25th Mar 2014, 20:11
Awesome...never jumped onto the boats (didn't think you could) but went and had a look around...now I'm going to have to go and find the invisible fire :D

...actually that would make an awesome ability :p :D "ha I burn you with my invisible fire attack"

25th Mar 2014, 20:39
Just a small correction: there is only one ship where I remembered two. So you really can't miss it. I have to check if it's still there now though.

25th Mar 2014, 21:23
Last I check, you just sank.

25th Mar 2014, 21:36
I've just been there, it's all like before: you die in the red glow.

The other identical ship, the one on the left of that pier, is blocked by an invisible wall instead.