View Full Version : Limited edition DLC Gone! HELP!!!

19th Apr 2010, 21:06
I Preordered the ps3 version of the limited edition, and installed the DLC and it all worked fine.
Since then, I made a new Psn id (because sony don't let you change it without making a new account).
I tried copying across my game save from my old online id, but obviously it said I couldn't use it because I did not create it, So I started just cause 2 again. At this point, the DLC was still working.
Every time I loaded up the game since then, it came up with message saying the file can't be loaded because I didn't create it. I could still load up my new file, but that notice was getting very annoying, so I thought maybe if iI delete the Game data and make a new one, it might go away.
It didn't. When I next used the black market I found that the DLC had been deleted and I couldn't get any of the limited edition content!

I have tried re-entring my redemption code on the ps store, but it said this code is not correct or is no longer valid.

This is getting quite annoying now, so please help if you know any way I can get it back! I know Eidos have said the DLC will soon be available for everyone, but I don't want to end up paying when I have already bought the limited edition!

Thanks in advance!

20th Apr 2010, 14:17
I believe the DLC maybe tied to the original PSN ID.

20th Apr 2010, 19:22
I have tried logging in to the old account but it's still not there. I think it was in the Game data that I deleted. Is there any way to recover that?

Colonel Earnel
20th Apr 2010, 21:39
log in to your old acc and download it again (should be in the download list)

23rd Apr 2010, 21:18
Thank you, it worked perfectly! ;)
But every time I go on it, is still says "This save file cannot be loaded as it belongs to a different user."
I have already started a new game, but it still says this every time!
Is there any way to get rid of this?