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24th Mar 2014, 22:19
Suffice it to say that it would seem that the dock area of freeport is slightly too defensible for an intelligent human team. Due to the mechanics of abduct/kidnap over water, sentinels cannot easily target the "open" areas. This leads to attempts by reaver/tyrant stacks to either gas them out or bully their way in. Unfortunately by using a scout turret and alchy poison the human team can turn that spot into an extreme choke-hole with little room for vampires to work with. Compound this with 2 alchy compositions where one uses healing mist and it becomes a real pain to root humans out of that spot. The low-altitude rooftops make easy pickings for aware hunters/scouts.

My suggestion would be to move the healing station closest to the docks (in the enclosed wooded area) slightly further from where it currently stands. If the human team cannot easily cover each other in that turtle during healing sessions it may give the vampires a more even shot if their first wave fails. As it stands this area of the map is not taken advantage of by the average player. When you see a team of lvl 20+ players however it becomes readily apparent how slanted that spot can be.

As always I would like to hear everyone's thoughts on the subject.

25th Mar 2014, 07:06
I never liked this spot as a vampire. I like the idea of moving the heal, perhaps to the other side of the enclosure. Something that I would like to see is a mist or smoke effect coming off the water that obscures vision and the true size of vampires while in it

25th Mar 2014, 08:06
Well now if you're talking about central dock then this defensive spot can be counter-played with synergized charge-jump-haze + kidnap. Even if those two tyrants will die they'll still take at least two humans (scouts who like to camp there SO MUCH) with 'em to hell. Meanwhile reaver will take down an alchemist on the flank and sentinel will kidnap the last guy. Taking that both teams are equally skilled such scenario follows in 4-2 / 4-3 in vamp favor.

If you are about the building with crane to the left then ... fyi there is a hidden backyard zone which can be effectively used to ambush camping scouts and alchemists which are covering them AND loop hole in the ceiling specially for shockwave-ing those "inhabitants" :D

Still it is early to say about OP of something because new classes can change everything when they come up.

25th Mar 2014, 10:45
As a Reaver you can jump from the end of the crane onto the building at the end of the central dock and then ambush the humans from behind - the only thing is if you're shot in mid-air you'll end up having a water-bath...the same as if you misjudge the jump – so its a risk – and don't blame me if it goes wrong :p :D but if I can do it anyone can!

You can also get behind the buildings on the next part of the pier that juts out (by the boat) – if people are hiding near there...and ambush too :D