View Full Version : Extra Lame (Game Breaking Bug)

18th Apr 2010, 15:13
Here is one killed the game for me....start a race and die mid race (crash into ground) come back into game via reload checkpoint---at beginning of race, I have no weapons, beacon, chaos, money, or stats (stunts visited locations etc) I have no abilility to start race or start another race in attempt to maybe snap the game out of it. Previously friendly locations are hostile with military presense... and as mentioned all dicovered locations wiped out as are progress bars (no chaos remember). I have no option but to reload from hard save 6 hours before. Most interactions are null, turrets..race start points etc...


If your are going to enforce an autosave...make sure the damn thing works.

Anyone experience this and found a work around?

19th Apr 2010, 18:15
I have a corrupt save as well. It wasn't caused at the same point, but the effects are exactly the same (no items and missions). Haven't found any solution yet. Loading previous manual saves does work, but my last manual save was from hours ago. Like most players I've been relying on autosave.

For me it happened while restarting that mission where you have to use a Jet to attack oil derricks.