View Full Version : MISC. Nosgoth First Impressions

24th Mar 2014, 21:08
Hi, this is my first post here :) I'd just like to post some feedback I have from playing my first match ever! (woot!)
Since I was playing "New Recruit 4v4", everyone was getting familiar with how to play the game. I found that with the sporadic way the Reaver jumps off of its target when it exits pounce makes it nearly impossible to predict where they will end up. Along with the dodging, it seemed difficult to get hits on the Humans. As a Human, I played a decent game, going 3/3/8. Since it is basically the Vampires job to avoid getting hit, it was very hard getting hits on them (They chicken dance like crazy!) Because of this, I was never able to land the "Bola" ability. However, the "Explosive Shot" ability came in handy because of its AoE.

Naturally, I found it much easier to play as a Vampire, only trying out the Reaver. As a Reaver, I went 5/3/1. It was much easier to target a Human who was isolated, or behind the group, because the rest of the Humans would likely not notice, and I could get an easy kill with one Pounce. It seemed like as soon as you were out in the open, you would become an instant target to the Humans, often ending in deaths. So I would play the Reaver like a scaredy cat, waiting to pounce in, get as many hits as I could, and use Evasion or Shadow Bomb to escape.

Overall, I think that new players will tend to prefer the Vampires because of their ability to climb buildings and escape fights within seconds. On the other side, Humans have a much harder time escaping, because if followed by a Vampire, the Vampire can just climb up a building and move around the map faster. I found the game very fun though!!! I can only see it getting better (and more strategic) from here. One of my possible concerns is the static location of supply stations. If a Human gets hit hard and is smart, he'll go to the supply station, and if a Vampire is smart, he would know exactly what the Human is planning and go to the supply station. When the game ended, it was a draw, which is apparently a win, and I managed to get a double kill! :) One of my initial suggestions (Which may be very biased due to my beginner level) would be to lower the health regen on Vampires to make them more exposed and forced to attack the Humans for health. The need to Execute a Human when there could be other Humans around is pretty moot when you can just climb up a building out of the Humans aim and just regen safely.

My second game I did much, much better as a Human Alchemist, and much, much worse as a Vampire Tyrant. As I played the Tyrant, I understood the usefulness of the Bola ability, since Charge has the Tyrant run forward and disables the ability to strafe, he is the ideal target for it. I ended the game going 5/1/5 as the Alchemist, and 4/8/4 as the Tyrant. One thing I noticed, which could be considered a double-edged sword, is that because of the Vampires ability to climb around and jump everywhere, they tend to be much more spread out than the Humans, who rely on each other for survival. The Tyrant definitely had its uses when the Humans are all grouped up and I have allies ready to fight; I can just Charge in there and use Ground Slam to stun the enemies, and have my allies pick them off. But alone, I felt that the Tyrant was not too useful, considering the Humans are almost always grouped up, and as soon as they see you as a huge, bulky, slow target you will get picked off almost instantly. Oh, and the Sentinel Vampire class is absolutely terrifying.

As the Alchemist, I found her gun, which acts extremely similar to the Demomans main weapon on Team Fortress 2, was very effective ( Probably because of the AoE ). One thing that I would like to see is the additional ability to detonate the explosive by shooting a second time. A direct hit with the gun will cause instant fear to the enemy, because it really packs a punch, but the slow explosion timer makes it a weapon that can easily be avoided.

My conclusion here is that like most games in this genre, teamwork is key to success, but as a Vampire it is much harder to work as a team. They have a slow class, a fast class, and a flying class, making it very difficult to cooperate on the same wavelength. Of course, I believe it will be best to pick and choose classes depending on the enemies you are facing, a variable that I haven't tried out yet. Because of how tight knit the Humans were in this match, I would have had much more success if I picked Reaver. Since Vampires require melee to kill the Humans, a good amount of the time playing as a Human consists of running away from Vampires. The Alchemists ability Fire Wall was very helpful in these circumstances. One thing I would like to see is an additional keybinding that will turn the player 180 degrees quickly, as many games that are similar have this function, and could be incredibly useful.

There doesn't seem to be a place to give feedback for the Closed Beta yet, so I am going to stop giving my reflections of my games now :p I plan on just posting things I notice and tidbits of feedback that I think will help improve the game :) Cheers!