View Full Version : Can't play PC game at all (Just Cause 2), crash + game continues in background a sec

18th Apr 2010, 03:09
This happens after a couple of minutes with sound/game continuing in background before fully crashing. I can still left-click to fire my weapon, and hear it going off, before I get kicked to desktop and have to forcibly close the game through the task manager.

I tried Directx redistributables, vc++ runtimes, reinstalling videocard drivers, DirectX SDK redistributable, E V E R Y T H I N G, no dice on fixing it. Makes the game 100% unplayable... didn't happen with 1.0.0 demo but happens with 1.0.1 retail game installed/activated on Steam from newegg.

I cannot revert drivers to play around since I am on a GTX 470 which only has one publicly released set (197.41).


Win7 HP 64-bit
i7 920
Asus X58 P6T motherboard
eVGA GTX 470
2560x1600 resolution, 197.41 drivers

Happens both stock-clocked and overclocked. Please forward this to the devs, it is not just an end-user issue, and needs to be fixed... I can't even enjoy the game now due to it.

18th Apr 2010, 03:12
Ahhh man.. my brain feels wierd! I don't know dude.. I really don't know.. I'm trying to think of a solution but... Nothing. :(

I just thought I'd give the topic some attention, that's all.. This problem sounds dreadful :hmm::thumb:

18th Apr 2010, 17:22
Thanks... still no luck fixing it here :(, I have Steam Community overlay and Friends disabled as well. Someone suggested turning off the "Bokeh filter" setting which helped me run for almost 20 minutes today, but it still does it :(.

19th Apr 2010, 00:34
Sounds a lot like a problem I had. Except Just Cause 2 just ended up not producing a picture at all. Sadly the only way I got it to fix was to get a tv with hdmi.