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17th Apr 2010, 21:50
Does anyone do it? If so post what gun you have.

21st Apr 2010, 11:48
Well, there aren't much paintballers around here it seems. I did it a couple of months ago with a large group, it was great fun. Want to do it again, but I doubt I will make a hobby out of it, I rather keep jumping out of flying planes. :D

Designated User
2nd May 2010, 21:48
I know it's different, but I play airsoft fairly frequently, I have a G36C with a shock hider, Tac rails and foldable stock.(The mags are about 460 bb's per mag.) 350 fps, designed by SRC
I use a Viper tac vest and viper fog resistant goggles, I am covered with a balaclava and an olive shemagh. I use steel toe cap boots for it and then I just wear a white long sleaved t-shirt with jeans, on my hands I wear gun gloves, mesh on the outside and real leather on my palms. :D