View Full Version : Xbox 360: DLC Name tag error and graphic errors

13th Apr 2010, 22:55
I own the 360 version of the Just Cause 2 limited edition, and I've got the DLC for it, no issues there.

But today, instead of seeing the "Bulls Eye Assault Rifle" name tag, I'm seeing this "dlc name txt 00". I've never seen this kind of things before on the 360. :confused:

Also, some plane textures on the passenger jets were really warped too, their textures did not load and they seemed to 'blend' into the surrounding textures somewhat. e.g. Looking toward the sky would give a warped blue sort of plane, while looking at the green trees would give a warped green shade.

Two very weird bugs.

17th Apr 2010, 13:06
It has happened to me a few times. Just restart your xbox and it will go back to normal. It just happens sometimes for reasons unknown to me.