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13th Apr 2010, 17:56

Not sure why i am posting in this sub forum but more people seem to view this i find lol

but can any one recommend any Lara Croft Anniversary models, posters, anything?

i can't help it but i fell in love with lara anniversary and i want all the merchandise in my room but i don't know where to look to find any lol

any recommendations?

13th Apr 2010, 18:23
eBay is the first place that comes into mind. I've bought quite alot there and very often there are some really nice rare merchandise which you can get for very little. I don't remember there being that much TRA merchandise though...so you're probably looking at promotional material, so eBay the best bet I think.

13th Apr 2010, 18:43
ebay should do the trick. or look at some local sites.

figure you should really get:

13th Apr 2010, 18:47
can only find one statue of Anniversary Lara and the face isnt that great :( can't find any posters or anything just a small statue

13th Apr 2010, 19:46

or you can go to this site: http://www.posterxxl.com/cgi-bin/xxl.cgi?r=y&c=us

give them your own anniversary-lara pic, and theyll print it as large as you like.