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13th Apr 2010, 01:24
So I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on a new computer.

I then installed a fresh, clean copy of my Batman Arkham Asylum.

I then decided I did not want to lose my 80% completed game on my older PC running XP Pro 32bit. Mind you all, I have been playing the game with a "Local Account" through GFWL... so I do not know if that makes a difference or not with others Saved Games files...

But this is what I did!

I took the HDD out of that Box, and I installed it into the new PC with W7U/64bit.

I then booted up the machine into Windows 7, and I opened two windows.

Window 1 showed me the directory structure of the XP HDD.
Window 2 showed me the directory structure of the W7 HDD.

On the XP HDD:
C:\ >> Docs and Settings >> NAME >> Local Settings >> Application Data >> Microsoft >> XLive

Copy that entire "XLive" folder.
C:\ >> USERS >> AppData >> Local >> Microsoft
Copy the XLive folder into that Microsoft Folder.


Back to the XP HDD
C:\ >> Docs and Settings >> NAME >> My Documents >> Eidos >> Batman Arkham Asylum
Copy that entire B:AA Folder.

Now go to the W7 HDD
C:\ >> USERS >> NAME >> My Documents >> Eidos

Copy the entire B:AA folder into the above Eidos Folder.


Launch game, and enjoy your old Saved Games!

I am! :rasp:

By the way this some procedure worked on recovering my GTA:IV saves as well.

Lastly, you may not necessarily have to remove the HDD from one PC and install it into the other like I did. I just knew what I was doing in that regards and it made things easier for me in salvaging all my valuable data before I wiped out that old XP HDD.

The same process described above could likely be accomplished with a USB Flash drive. Just make sure you copy/paste to and from the correct folders!

Good luck!

13th Apr 2010, 01:30

Also just to confirm...

BOTH installations of the Game on both PC's have to use the EXACT same Login Name for Games For Windows Live, or else it wont work!

So what ever you use to login to your Game on your XP installation, you have to use the exact same name to login to your new installation of the game on Windows 7.


After I installed the game on Windows 7, I then launched the game, and logged in. Then I exited the game, and then I proceeded to copy all the needed files and folders to recover my Saved Games. The likely makes no difference, but I did it anyway.

So again, good luck and have fun!

14th Apr 2010, 14:23
Congratulations!!! Was this using an online or offline account?