View Full Version : Is there a model promoting the game?

10th Apr 2010, 21:55
This has probably been asked before, but I did quickly look at the thread titles and I couldn't see it.

Will there be an official model promoting Guardian of Light?

I don't think Alison promoted Beneath the Ashes or Lara's Shadow but since the new game is featured on more platforms will Eidos be getting Alison back in to promote this and the pillar release or is there going to be a new model to promote both or is Eidos only getting a model for the pillar release?

Max 28
11th Apr 2010, 02:11
No I don't think there will be a model. This is a small side game using a Lara game model very small so we can't really see any difference from previous games. I don't think this game will get much promotion anyway.

11th Apr 2010, 15:32
Oh yeah. I didn't think about the character size. Thanks :)
It will be interesting to see what kind of promotion Eidos decides.

11th Apr 2010, 17:36
yeah get involved in that how will Lara advertise thread :p or i think you already have lol

i hope they have alison to promote TR9 though that would be nice to see some form of consistency

11th Apr 2010, 18:16
I highly doubt there will be one for this game, especially since it's not TR, right? I suspect there will be a new model for TR9 - it's tradition!

11th Apr 2010, 18:59
break with tradition i say thats what made TR go down stagnation hill it needs to change and evolve to survive

12th Apr 2010, 03:32
There will no doubt be a new model for TR9, but this is not Tomb Raider and being a download only game is probably not going to get a big promotional budget. Maybe we will get a CGI Lara to promote it online.

12th Apr 2010, 03:35
Ah! That would be cool aussie500. Like what they did for Tomb Raider 3 game with the CGI Lara talking about the features, that would be quite cool :)

Max 28
13th Apr 2010, 02:05
I'm kinda looking forward to a new model. I'm not a big fan of Allison.