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23rd Mar 2014, 00:45
One of the defining features of Nosgothic vampires (and vampires in general before the writings of a certain Myers became popular amongst a sizeable chunk of our population) is that the vampires are adversely affected by sunlight

Now most of the maps are set under twilight/daybreak lighting and justifies why the Vampire faction can put up a fight, but I was wondering whether this could be implemented as a gameplay feature, maybe in a new gameplay mode?

The objective of that mode can be for the humans to hold out until dawn at which point the round ends with the destruction of all vampires in the area. Respaws can be disabled or limited so as to better simulate the sense of urgency. Humans can have access to turrets or stationary defense points to better assist them.

23rd Mar 2014, 01:17
As I understand it shall have no effect on the elders, exept for the rahabim...
As the vampires grow older, the effects of rain and sunlight are less harming.
That would complicate your Survival Mode.

23rd Mar 2014, 05:14
Aren't we playing as fledglings?