View Full Version : stuck at 22% saving Dr Young

9th Apr 2010, 15:48
The check point starts with Zsasz holding a knife to Dr Youngs throat and dragging her into the warden's office.

I cannot act until after they disappear into the office. If I go near he kills her. I cannot find any access in the area above.

A walkthru I checked says I am not supposed to let Zsasz see me but it is too late and I cannot go back.

I am at a loss.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

9th Apr 2010, 17:12
No need for response, I was able to solve problem. Zsaaz is now deceased.

9th Jun 2010, 14:32
Hi , there's a bug before that ! I'm at 17% , still in the garden with zsasz , after he punched into the ground and 5 skeletons came out , i was able to fight them , then zsasz went ahead but when i climbed a wall then where there's 2 gears in action i can't grapple to the ledge above , the symbol doesn't appear !!! I watched a video on youtube where i saw that the symbol for "grapple" appeared and batman was able to climb up . Please help me , i don't want to restart the game !!! Do you know where saved games are stored ?

9th Jun 2010, 14:55
That's not Zsasz, it's Scarecrow. There are some subtle differences that you can spot if you look closely. (Zsasz is not a levitating giant with syringes for fingers).

The problem you've encountered is the copy protection. If you are using a legit version of the game, you should make sure that you aren't running any software that Securom might identify as copyright circumvention - eg Daemontools, drive emulation etc.

Your save game is not recoverable - once the copy protection has been tripped, the save file is irrevocably marked.