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9th Apr 2010, 14:35
Ok this problem is weird for me,

I have been able to play this game with my new monitor today and yesterday without any black screen. It came in after the DLC for the game came but I could play earlier today without any problem.

I can though run it in Windows mode, but don't really wanna do that. Also I can hear the sounds while in full screen but it just doesn't wanna show it.

I have the newest driver for my graphic card, other games work fine, I haven't installed any program during this time and running Windows 7 64bit version. I tried changing resolution to another and then go full screen but nothing happens. Just hear the meny music, I can even start the game and hear everything but still black screen,


There is the Dxdiag for my pc if you need it. Oh seems I'm the only one with this kind of problem and Using the steam UI beta too. When ever I verify the files it downloads the DLC again :scratch:

So any chance of help on this weird behavior?

11th Apr 2010, 12:36
Good day, I have an IDENTICAL problem and I have found that if you switch to a smaller window whilst its launching I can see everything perfectly and it will do the videos at the start until going onto the menu. Just that when I click onto the .exe its will just crash to desktop like usuall. I hear the sound and everything which leads me to thinking that this is not a hardware or software related problem on our computers as I have checked all my parts and updated all drivers. :( So I'm pretty sure its Edios' problem.
Do not worry Zukabazuka as I believe Edios is working on a patch.

-Nvidia Geforce 9500gt.
-2gb Ram.
-Intel core 2 Quad.
-Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit.
-All drivers and DirectX updated.
-Steam copy of Just Cause 2.

Thanks in advance! :mad2:

11th Apr 2010, 17:35
Yeah seems to be a problem with the game, have ATI radeon 4850 card so guess it isn't specific to ATI,

I did notice though if I play in window mode for a while and then switch to fullscreen it will work.
My PC is
ATI radeon 4850
Intel core 2 Duo 2.8ghz
4gb ram,
Windows 7 64bit

Bought retail.

11th Apr 2010, 17:52
Well I just realised that you have the same but you can actually play and that mine wont launch, although it is the same problem. Some guy on the steam forums told me that it is Edios' fault and that it is not our computers so we just have to wait for a patch :hmm:

I got Just Cause 2 to work :) on the 5th time updating my drivers it somehow worked. I hope it will work for you soon.

16th Apr 2010, 21:04
I think Eidos should have been maintaining the game for graphic glitches and errors.