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DISCLAIMER: This post is meant to serve as a comprehensive evaluation of the game, its features and mechanics, as experienced by myself. Best attempts will be made to provide rational arguments for each point of content. Feedback and discussion in the thread is welcome, but be aware that while conclusions drawn from my personal experience are negotiable, the experiences themselves are not.
It is my intention that this thread will serve as a regularly updated "current state of the game." source, and while not all aspects will be covered at the outset, i intend to update with information on more features as it becomes available to me.


1. Introduction
2.1 Tyrant
2.2 Sentinel

1. Introduction

Let me start out by stating that i very much enjoy this game, and the worldsetting in which it is situated. I am a big fan of the Legacy of Kain series, i have played all its games (that i know of), and i consider myself an avid gamer, playing a large variety of games, including online competitive games. I am also a game-developer in training myself, and i have an interest in human behavioral psychology.

With those things in mind, be aware that any criticism i may level against the game, is meant to provide the basis for potential improvements, and is not meant to dissuade anyone from actually playing the game. I consider this game to have great potential, and i would hate to see it fail due to potentially unadressed flaws.

2. Classes

I would like to start by adressing each of the classes in the game, as i experience them. Their roles, as i see them, their ability to function within that role, and the current state of their abilities and syngery.

2.1 Tyrant

2.1.1 Role

Considering the Tyrants superior health and size, reduced base mobility compared to the other vampires, as well as the nature of his abilities, i would draw the conclusion that the tyrant is meant to act as a tank and disruptor. Most of his abilities include AOE attacks, stuns, knockdowns or knockbacks, which all lend well to breaking up formations and keeping the enemy off balance, and his health and size would indicate a predisposition for absorbing damage and drawing attention.

Unfortunately as it stands at the moment, the tyrant is woefully unsuitable for either of these tasks.
When performing a role as tank, there are two primary aspects: Soaking damage, and holding attention. Soaking damage can be done by a variety of means, be it outright avoidance (invulnerability, parry, dodge) resistance (damage reductions, shields) or outright absorption (superior health pool) As it stands right now, the tyrant is doing neither most of the time.

While his health pool is superior to other vampires, it is by an amount that is easily burned down even by a single human, and especially if the target of concentrated fire, which is most often, and should, be the case. His only damage reducing ability renders him harmless in the meantime, and due to his larger size and slow dodge, avoidance is not an option.

The second aspect is holding the enemy's attention. This can be done in a variety of ways, but the two most common is threat, and debilitation. Threat, makes the tank class too dangerous too ignore, usually through the fact that his damage output will be unaceptably high to the opposing team if he is left ignored. As it is now, while the tyrant has a decent aoe ability, most of his attacks are so easily avoided that outside of quake, he poses no more threat (in fact often less) than any other vampire.
The second aspect, debilitation, makes the tank so detrimental to the enemy team's ability to function that he must be dealt with in order to prosecute the enemy with any effectiveness. While the tyrant seems geared towards this option, his abilities are so unwieldy that he cannot perform this role effectively. Wether due to hitbox issues, aiming issues or synergy issues, most of his abilities are simply not effective enough to allow him to reliably debilitate the enemy team, despite his apparent potential for it.

Most of the time, the tyrants ability to draw fire stems from the fact that he's easier to kill than the other vampires.

2.1.2 Abilities


Charge has a number of possible applications, all of which are sound in theory with the basic mechanics of the ability. It can be used as an opener, scattering and disrupting hunters packed together in a tight space and drawing attention to the tyrant. It could be used for chasing down fleeing stragglers on an open path, and theoretically even as a limited escape move to more quickly cover open ground, as the charge run speed is faster than the tyrants base movement.

However, the Charge skill currently has so many issues and apparenty malfunctions that it's hard to say that it performs any of these roles decently.

For starters, the hitbox on charge is inadequite. Wether this is a matter of the skill's hitbox size or simply bad hitbox detection i cannot say for certain, but i have seen several cases where humans were at least grazed by a tyrant charge, with no effect whatsoever.

On top of this the zoom caused by using the charge means that in most cases, your intended target is obscured by the tyrants large size, making it exceedingly difficult to aim properly at targets ahead of you. As it stands, charge must be used on unaware enemies if it is to have any practical use, and the tyrant is hardly a stealthy character, and being forced to let others keep the enemy's attention does not seem to fit well with a tank.

Moreover, charge has an acceleration period where the tyrant moves very slowly, and i have litterally charged straight THROUGH a hunter during this time, with no effect whatsoever on him. This means that not only is charge effectively useless as an escape skill, as you have a period where you're nothing but a slow moving target, but also means that the effective duration of charge is in fact even less than stated.

Worst of all, charge is easily disrupted by contact with any obstacles, including low stair-cases, or grazing walls or pieces of the terrain. This will cause the tyrant to bounce back, before resuming his forward charge, which again makes him exceedingly vulnerable.


Marathon is basically charge with a longer duration and cooldown, and while this would give it more flexibility in its aplication, versus less often use, it suffers from the same problems as charge.

Gound Slam

Gound slam is at the moment probably the most useful and well-functioning of the tyrants skills, with the possible exception of rage. The AOE range is reasonable, the damage is decent but not excessive, and while the stun is not long enough to provide the tyrant an offensive advantage, it serves well as a disruption to the enemy formation and DPS output, as well as creating a good opportunity for follow up from teammates.

The only real issue i am aware of with Ground Slam is that like most of the tyrant's abilities, it has a recovery period after the skill's use where he is unable to attack


Shockwave is in theory a very useful ability for the tyrant, as the additional range compared to most of his AOE skills and the linear path of the skill, would make it suitable as a short-ranged disabler, in order to allow the tyrant time to close with an enemy, help prevent enemy escapes, and with proper setup, even disrupt multiple enemies.

Unfortunately, shockwave has a couple of issues that means it is rather unwieldy to use as anything except an occasional damage dealer, and often need the element of surprise or crowd control from teammates (reaver pounce for example) in order to work effectively

Shockwave cannot be used to prevent enemy escapes properly as the length of the skills cast animation combined with its limited range, means that in most cases the enemy will simply have sprinted out of range before the shockwave reaches their location.

Shockwave also cannot be used to help close with the enemy, as the skill causes substantial knockback, so much in fact, that the duration of the knockdown combined with the slow recovery after the skills use means that you will often help the enemy escape from melee with you if you use it. In fact, if used at anything but point blank range, the tyrant's slow melee attack speed means that you will often knock the enemy out of melee range, setting yourself up for kiting and counter attack.

Jump Attack

Due to the numerous issues with charge, jump attack is currently the best opener for the tyrant, as it can allow him to initiate a fight with a substantial AOE attack, from a considerable distance.
While the height and speed of the jump is a reasonable trade-off in terms of allowing humans the option to react, jump attack itself has a couple of issues that makes it very unwieldy in its use, and undermines its value as a shock attack.

First off, Jump attack cannot be aimed at a specific spot and the trajectory cannot be changed once the skill is underway. The jump is performed at a set angle and velocity, which combined with the fact that the range can be quite extensive if used with elevation, makes it very difficult to aim. While this can be overcome with practice to a certain degree, it makes it difficult to use the skill with reliable accuracy when considering the many obstacles on the map, and also makes it impossible to use the skill effectively at anything but long range.

While the skill can potentially be used as an escape tool, its wind-up time means that you will be very vulnerable to damage and interuption, meaning that it will have to be used before the players health reaches dangerous levels if there is to be any hope of successfully escaping.

Furthermore, the skill is quite susceptible to being interupted mid-jump on contact with any sort of obstacle, including poles, beams archways, etc. Which will cause the player to simply stop and drop directly down, not only interupting the skill but potentially leaving the user vulnerable to counter-attack.

Ignore Pain

While the principle of Ignore Pain is sound in terms of soaking damage, the mechanics of the skill completely undermines the tyrant's ability as a tank, by rendering him harmless for an extensive period. As it is at the moment, Ignore Pain is exclusively useful as an escape skill, as it can break the hunters bola, and reduces the tyrant's damage taken. However, in this regard it is inferior to the reaver's evasion, which not only reduces AOE damage, but also completely evades all regular projectile attacks.

On top of that, by rendering the tyrant unable to attack or use abilities, he becomes nothing more than a walking roadblock, meaning the worst he can do is force enemies to walk around him. On top of that, there is in fact a 2 second recovery period after ignore pain runs out, where the tyrant is still unable to attack but does not benefit from the damage reduction making the skill a huge liability if used in combat.


At the moment, rage is the primary reason why there is any reason to play the tyrant at all, bar aestetic reasons, in my oppinion.

The bonusses from rage will offset a couple of the tyrants more glaring weaknesses, namely his low speed and poor damage/hit ratio, however briefly, allowing him a few critical moments where he is actually up to par in combat.
The skill seems to function much as intended, granting a direly needed damage boost, and as the tyrants health will often drop quite quickly during engagements, the scaling bonus is an added, well, bonus.

However, while rage is certainly one of the tyrants more well designed skills, it still have a few issues. First off, is the fact that activating the skill causes an animation that not only detracts from the skills effective duration, but also means that using the skill during an engagement will require extremely good timing, or it will leave an already vulnerable class even more defenceless. Furthermore, using rage means that ignore pain is not even available as an escape skill, and means that the tyrant has no defence whatsoever against skills like bolas.

While this would fit with the idea of changing the tyrant from a tank to a damage dealer, rage effectively turns him into an assasin, rather than a brawler as one might expect. As rage tyrant i find it necessary to not only let other team members engage first, but very good judgement and timing is required to make use of the short duration of extra damage, in order to influence the engagement positively at all.

2.2 Sentinel

2.2.1 Role

I find it difficult to define a specific role for the sentinel, as its arsenal of abilities is quite diverse. The best description i can think of is "Skirmisher". The unrivaled mobility gained through the sentinel's flight mechanic makes it possible to get quickly in and out of combat, very much supports a hit-and-run style, and gives options to attack from unexpected directions. Coupled with the various abilities of the sentinel, i find the class very well suited to cause confusion and chaos, especially when used in conjunction with other classes.

The sentinel can be kitted out to cause disruption of the enemy's formation, as a light scout/anti-stealther, or even as a heavy-hitting damage dealer depending on the circumstances. The sentinel does its best works when catching the enemy unaware, and while they must rely mostly on speed and mobility for defence, i personally found that this is a fair tradeoff considering how easily they can traverse the landscape and move about the level.

At the moment, i find the sentinel to be one of the best balanced of the vampire classes, as well as the class that currently has the greatest reward for player skill. An unskilled sentinel player will likely find themselves struggling against hunters and scouts shooting them out of the sky, while a veteran sentinel player can be an unmitigated nightmare if not countered correctly.

2.2.2 Abilities


Kidnap is the sentinel's standard special ability, and has a number of uses both in terms of damage and disruption. The most simple use is to simply swoop down from the air, pick up an opposing player and carry them off, seperating them from their group and causing moderate damage.
However, like many of the sentinel's abilities, this skill is quite versatile in its application. One can snatch enemies off ledges, dropping them into holes below for extra damage, enemies can be carried around house corners or dropped behind walls, out of sight of their teammates, or you can simply carry them into hazards placed by your own team, such as toxic haze.

Kidnap does have a number of issues however, which makes it unduly difficult to use properly. First off, the ability, like many others, suffers from a very poor tooltip description. There is no mention in the description of the fact that the ability begins "charging" on use, after which you can then pick up players, not does it say how long you can actually carry any players you manage to pick up. I am also not certain wether the duration on the tooltip actually marks the time you have to pick an enemy up.

Tooltip issues aside, Kidnap tends to fail for no apparent reason at random times, where instead of grabbing an enemy, you will simply land as you dive downwards, instead of the gliding grab-attack that one would normally do. At other times, the skill will slow you down significantly in mid-air, regardless of trajectory. In general, using kidnap effectively will take practice, but with the mentioned issues, it also requires a great deal of luck.

Furthermore, it should be noted that kidnap has a minimum damage threshold, where the enemy will always take some fall damage, regardless of which altitude you drop them from. While i can understand that this could otherwise render the skill very ineffective, it seems a bit silly to take fall damage after falling a measly 1-3 feet.


Abduct is similar to kidnap, with a shorter carry time, but with direct damage done to the target during the time it is carried. This skill loses some of its utility as a disruptor, as you cannot carry targets as far, although with practice it can still add some advantage in this regard. It also becomes more opportunistic in terms of fall damage, as the player will not have as much time to gain altitude before dropping the target. This is offset decently by the amount of damage done in-flight however, and abduct in fact has superior damage when used to grab people off ledges and dropping them into holes. Conversely however, you have a shorter time where you are forced to carry the target, thus limiting your own mobility.

All in all i would say the ability is nicely balanced with kidnap, and is mostly a matter of personal preference. It should be noted however, that abduct suffers from the same issues as kidnap, being functionally similar.


Puncture is a fairly simple ability, making the sentinel do a medium-melee ranged attack that causes 400 damage. All in all puncture is very similar to the sentinels fully charged melee attack, only with slightly reduced range and charge/animation time. The ability is useful as a finisher and at moments where a fast, high-damage attack is needed, but all in all the ability seems rather bland. It can be usefully comboed with other abilities, whittling enemies down to a point where puncture can deliver the killing blow, but it has little other advantage over the standard melee attack.

Wing Flap

This ability is the alternative to puncture as the sentinels primary ability, and adds a very different dynamic to the fight. Flap causes a knockback, knockdown and damage in a small area in front of the sentinel, damage scaling down the further the target was from the sentinel. While it does not have punctures raw damage, this ability does have some added crowd control in the form of knockback and knockdown, which can be used in the ussual number of ways. Knocking people into hazards, off cliffs, or simply interupting them in whatever they were doing.

While i don't think flap has any obvious imbalances per se, it still shares the problem with most knockback mechanics, that it puts the human out of the vampires immidiate melee range, which combined with slow animation recovery actually helping the humans to escape.

That said, there is one issue that causes problems with gust. It is extremely easily interupted by any sort of obstacle. Even being partially behind a doorframe or up a staircase, can cause a player to avoid gust. While i do not know how the hitbox of the actual attack travels, the airblast caused by the attack seems to be too easily disrupted by minor obstacles.

Dive Bomb

Dive bomb is the sentinels standard secondary ability, and is one of several AOE damage options the sentinel has in this slot. While it does not seem possible to aim dive bomb latterally, the set angle is fairly easy to aim with, and the aim can be adjusted decently horizontally during the attacks wind-up animation. The damage and aoe is decent, but also leaves you vulnerable for a short time upon landing, making it necessary to use it with care, lest you end up standing in the middle of the entire enemy team.

Dive bomb does not appear to have a maximum range, and as such it can also be used to travel incredible distances very swiftly if used from a great height.

One thing however i have observed, is that it is somehow possible to make extremely abrupt turns DURING the dive bomb attack animation. I have litterally seen a sentinel fly past his target, then make an instant turn sharper than 90 degrees and hit square-on. While i am not sure how this is done, i must assume that it is not intended.

Take Off

Take off is currently the least useful of the sentinel's secondary abilities in my opinion. The damage and AOE radius is smaller than the other alternatives, and while it is the only means the sentinel has of breaking the hunter's bola, there are several problems that makes it a poor defensive ability.

The start-up animation of take-off, while relatively short, can be delayed by damage, and the sentinel will pause in the air at the apex of its ascension, leaving it a vulnerable target to well-timed shots from hunters and scouts. As such, it is the weakest of all the defensive abilities currently available, and while it can be used effectively, other abilities are likely to be far more useful.


Echolocation is an ability i do not often see people use for the sentinel, which i suspect owest to its rather poor, and ill-advertized defensive qualities. Using Echolocation will cause the screen to grey out and make humans stand out in bright orange light. This is extremely advantageous in locating humans and planning an angle of attack, and can help to identify targets of opportunity and humans who have been seperated from their team. However, this visual effect also makes it difficult to navigate obstacles while it is active, and while the skill supposedly "reduces accuracy" of the enemy , i have had difficulty determining exactly how, and how powerful, this part of the ability is. So far i have not been able to establish any sense of radius of effect, wether the debuff is aplied on activation or during duration, or even any noticable drop in accuracy of the enemy at all.

All in all, echolocation is an ability that i find to have great potential, and it is currently the only effective counter to scout stealth, but its usefulness is undermined by the very vague and ineffective defensive effect.

Air strike

This is the newest addition to the sentinel, and my personal favorite. This ability gives the sentinel a vital new role: Air support. The ability to attack from the air without having to land near the opposition and risking a face full of crossbow bolts, is a very welcome addition to the sentinel's arsenal. The damage is relatively low but with a large aoe, and with practice the grenade can be hurled over exceptional distances. The resultant stop in mid-air seems a reasonable trade-off, and can in fact be used to your advantage as it will allow you to instantly change direction in your flight path.

It is also possible to use air strike in mid-air without flying, which will instantly change you to flight mode after the attack has been made. I do not know if this is intentional, but if it is, it is a nice way to avoid having to mash several buttons and risk keystroke detection delay/bugs.

All in all, Air strike is probably the most well-designed of the sentinel's abilities so far, in my personal oppinion.

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Feedback Changelog

23/03/2014 - Added feedback on Tyrant abilities
26/03/2014 - Updated feedback on shockwave. Added feedback on tyrant rage ability.
03/04/2014 - Added feedback on sentinel and all its abilities

I will endeavour to update as often as possible with new information and adjusted views of the game and its features as the beta progresses and i gather more data.

22nd Mar 2014, 03:43
edit: I hope you don't mind that I add my 2 cents, since you're already on the same track. :P

I too experience this with the tyrant. He just feels to clunky as a new player to be able to use and unsuited in the task he is portrayed to be best at. (Yes, I just started, so what?) Now you might say I'm not giving him a proper chance. However look at this: Every forum post I've read on how to play the supposed 'tank' of the vampires is to hit and then run away and regenerate. This is what a freakin' reaver AND sentinel should be doing, not your main tank.

I found it funny how the reavers have the best defensive ability in the game. Being able to pounce into a whole team, get knocked off and flame walled, and then just evading and running away at still 2/3rds of your health? No problem. Watch any Tyrant attempt the same thing. It will never end well unless the humans are completely new to this style of gameplay.

I think the biggest thing that would help the tyrants out with at least disruption would be let them grab the enemy they encounter and carry them with them on the charge. Slamming them into the ground for the damage charge normally deals (foregoing the initial damage). Similar to the Charger in Left 4 Dead 2. Let's be honest here, that's exactly what he is to new players, except he's miraculously more squishy.

I picked this game up and after 1 game was able to coordinate with my teams so much (without voice) so that beyond that first game where I was just figuring out the skills I haven't lost one match out of 6. Not even close (We won that first game, barely).

The only time I got even got remotely mad about anything in this game is that (the first game I had ironically) one of our guys just randomly afked and didn't say anything, and then came back at the end credits.

This was my strategy for 'tanking'. Which I said as much to both teams. You get 4 reavers (we only managed with 3, someone always went sentinel or tyrant), and throw down 2 smoke bombs when encountering humans. You each pounce one human, and smoke bomb or evade back out. Mop up. Repeat. You could even have one or two guys evade in and the other two pounce the two guys in back, and switch off. Repeat.

This worked flawlessly (we didn't usually follow the exact plan, but everyone was new, so it still worked quite well).

As for the alchemist. She seemed to be the best suited to my style of play (explosions and aoe oh-my!) except her gun isn't really a gun. It's a grenade launcher with timed grenades. IF you can hit them (like me most people wised up to playing a tyrant) then it explodes, otherwise it's probably gonna do nothing if they're any good at dodging and awareness. She just seems to be a walking snack no matter how my team is, the hunter is always a better choice.

Second, their flash bang. What is this? It's a stun that doesn't really stun, just blinds them (smoke grenade anyone) which is just an instant use effect. Smoke bomb is 100x better for the same purpose. What about burning magnesium which lasts at least a few seconds? While we're on burning. Can we please throw the fire bomb? When it only works right near your own character, that makes it difficult to help your teammates from a distance, and enforces you being bait that will probably net one afterlife kill rather than an actual contributing member.

Nevermind that what you said would be side grades are actually direct upgrades in the case of both smoke bomb, and the flashbang. Sure, they might hurt you, but in the case of flashbang, that's a one-time effect, so you're not really gonna hurt yourself throwing it at them. Choking haze might be worse for the vamps, but it blinds them and provides area denial. Not to mention the nice initial damage + the DoT. As for the increased cooldowns: If they're dead by time you could've used one of the other standard skills again how's this a problem?

23rd Mar 2014, 14:19
mm, my general impression has been that most people find the tyrant very hard to use effectively, especially with the new changes to vampire aim assist on melee. Indeed hit-and-run style seems the most effective with him, which seems silly for a supposed tank class. I suppose it is possible that we're misinterpreting the developers intentions, but it would seem strange to make a class with all the basic framework for tanking, and then giving them a completely different role, especially when another class (reaver) already fits that role far better.

23rd Mar 2014, 17:52
Hit-and-run is always the best approach for any vampire class; it's just that the Tyrant is able to soak up a lot more damage before making his getaway, which is why he's a tank.

In fact, he works great as one. You can jump into battle for decent AOE, hopefully melee a few people, and then either (A) pop 'Ignore Pain' and escape while your team takes advantage of the chaos, or (B) if your team attacked before you took too much damage, continue attacking for some kills.

23rd Mar 2014, 19:14
Great feedback!

One thing though, "Shockwave" absolutely can be aimed after casting but before the actual wave comes out. I've done this dozens of times to hit would be jukers.

23rd Mar 2014, 22:39
I mostly agree with your opinion on Tyrant.

+ His health advantage is not significant enough to consider him a good tank, and most of the time he's making himself vulnerable from the very start of the initiation with charge, so if focused well, he may not even run into his first enemy when he's taken down. I'd say another 500-1000 health would be definitely nice, and it would be also great if the Max Health Increase Perk would be buffed a bit, as for now this around 80 hp boost from it doesn't make any difference whatsoever. His lack of good health advantage especially hurts because of the time gaps between the skill usages you mentioned, I often find myself charging into battle and then using ignore pain and running out of it as fast as possible, because my health got dangerously low from the enemy focus. I mean, I don't really like the fact that this is how 60% of my tyrant gameplay looks, with next 30% being taken down before ignore pain and last 10% for some other stuff like ground slam or basic attacks, it's pretty disappointing.
+Charge does have alot of problems with hitboxes, that includes both lack of the proper ability to affect enemy with it (though the server latency has a big role in it too most of the time), and what's worse, getting stuck in every corner of the map. The second part is especially painful, as to properly charge into enemies you need to position yourself in the open to avoid any map collision, instead of pre-charging it behind the corner, which leads to alot of damage exposure. Once again, the recovery period between the abilities, that includes charge, is really something that should be worked on. Every class in Nosgoth seems to be affected by it, of course, but it is the Tyrant, standing between 4 enemies after engaging, that is screwed the most because of it.
+Jump Attack is really hard to hit right with, and I don't like the fact that I'm useless with it in close-mid range. I'd be happy with being able to use it without any movement as a straight up jump, and with the current system working when holding W. In both cases it would be nice to have some more control during the fall.

-Ground slam never really seemed to have much impact in my opinion. It has too low damage to be worth using as a damage dealing ability with shockwave around, its area of effect is fine, but I really wouldn't say that it would hurt to increase it, and the stun is so brief it's barely noticeable, with it neither giving you advantage in a 1v1 duel, nor does it leave an opening significantly long enough for your teammates to take advantage of it. I don't really want it to deal more damage, shockwave is the offensive option for it, but I definitely would like to see it having longer stun duration. Not only the stun is so short itself, there's also a perk that reduces it further.
-Shockwave CAN be aimed during the cast animation, in fact you can aim with it up to the moment the first rocks come out underneath your feet, and with low ground slam damage, slow basic attack (that can be rarely ever used these days) and initiation abilities being unreliable most of the time (damage-wise as well) this is currently the only skill I consider having any impact from Tyrant at all. I personally would leave it be, it has an impact, it has its uses, there's a way to counter it, and there's a way to counter the counter (lol). Even if there's something that could be done with it (like doing something with its effect stopping after reaching the edge of the stairs and not affecting people right next to its base) I say there's stuff with way bigger priority to work on.

+I don't know how to feel about Ignore Pain. It is a good disengage skill, it DOES allow you to soak damage, despite what you're saying at the very start, but you're right that there's not much impact once you use it in battle. The very purpose of the tank is to force the enemies to hit you, because you have so much impact on the game, and make use of your tankiness to do it long enough for your team to make advantage of it. As it currently is, Tyrant can both soak damage well and be a nuisance, the problem is he can't do both simultaneously, and there's no point of soaking damage if there's no reason to attack you, and there's no point of being an oversized, slow piece of meat, that would work well as a tank, if all you do is MAYBE deal damage if you're lucky, but mostly you sure as hell die quickly. It would be nice to have some impact on the game with your tankiness, not just being a tank, but being ignored until you are one. There's one exception to it, if you won't look at the Tyrant as on a damage soaking nuisance in a fight, but as a shield/wall instead, like covering your allied Reaver shredding the enemy on the ground, blocking incoming projectiles with your body that would interrupt it, which you can actually do, sadly only to some extent, as most of the time a Reaver would get interrupted anyway in this situation, whether or not you're there. Not to mention being a tank only for the purpose of covering a Reaver once in a while? What if he gets a pounce that won't pin his enemy down? What if your team is made of 2 tyrants and 2 sentinels? What's going to happen with Tyrant when more classes will be released, Zephonim, Rahabim, Melchiahim? What are the odds that his simple "standing there mode" will synergize well enough with other classes to keep him around in a team? His tankiness in its current state has barely any meaning in the game, and apart from the Pounce it has no team synergy, something should be done about it.

26th Mar 2014, 14:46
it would seem you are correct, shockwave can in fact be aimed after the casting begins. Actually, it can be aimed faster than the vampires actual turn speed, though i suppose that is an animation issue, not a mechanic issue. i'll update my feedback accordingly.

3rd Apr 2014, 17:12
pardon my lack of updating, i have had some issues in my personal life to deal with. I shall labour to update with more expediency from now on, though in all honesty i cannot make guarantees.

That said, i have now updated with the sentinel and its abilities. If anyone wish to share their thoughts, it would be welcome.

Also, is there some way to edit the title of your thread? i have not been able to find it.