View Full Version : MISC. Level based teammaking system

21st Mar 2014, 21:21
It can be really depressing to be high level, because you always get the low levels in your team and you often lose because of that. I know level means actually nothing but it still shows the experience you had in the game. As a human you can carry often the round, but as a vampire I personally think they need better teamplay than humans. Because of that the other team has almost everytime the better teamplay in both round. I understand why they would use such a teammaking system but with so few players I would rather see a random teammaking system than this. However, I think that this problem will hopefully disappear when there are more players and then the matchmaking system look for players which are in a certain lvl range convenient to your level.

22nd Mar 2014, 12:24
They're supposedly planning on implementing a rating-based matchmaking system eventually (as opposed to the experience-based system we have now). I wouldn't expect it any time soon, but queueing as a team should at least alleviate the issue, as you can then get your friends on your team.