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7th Apr 2010, 11:38
So yeah, i bought the game from steam yesterday, downloaded it today, everything was okay but after a few minutes of gameplay i started experiencing low fps rates/lag, most of the time the game goes smoothly, like 40-70 fps, but at some points in the game the fps drops dramatically, and that's not all, the game sometimes crashes/freezes when i watch cutscenes, what the hell? Maybe i just need to update my video card drivers? - haven't done that in a while, any advice?

PC Specs:
Intel Core i7 920 (2.6GHz)
12gb of ram
Graphics card: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 1GB GDDR3
HDD: 1TB 7200rpm, 16MB cache

7th Apr 2010, 11:39
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Have you got latest drivers? 197.13 i believe?

7th Apr 2010, 11:41
Thank you for moving the thread, and i have no idea, where can i check the version?

7th Apr 2010, 12:05
control panel> system > graphic card > properties > pilot

check the version number then

check the website of nvidia : http://www.nvidia.com/page/home.html

8th Apr 2010, 11:10
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9th Apr 2010, 01:16
I have a problem that's similar but not really

I was running the game and changed the settings to maxed out fine for about the first two hours or so. Later that day I came back to it and found myself watching a slideshow. I found out that only happens when I have Catalyst AI (or maybe crossfire) enabled and when certain objects are within my field of vision (i.e. Karl's car and I *think* any objects where the crosshair changes shape and color to green/white/red). The benchmarks average between 40 to 80, yet when I view these objects, it drops to around 10 to 15 fps, which is even lower than with Crossfire disabled.

Strangest thing is that it ran fine at first. I tried deleting the cfg file, uninstalling the game and even reinstalling and deleting Catalyst registries and it's still doing the same thing. Is there some physics setting or something else that's changed systemwide outside the game?

i7@3.6ghz, 6gb corsair dominators, evga classified, sapphire 5970. Running eyefinity, but the slowdown occurs even on lowest settings on a single monitor (30fps from a 5970? ....)

Eidos Support
9th Apr 2010, 08:09
Please upload dxdiag and msinfo files somewhere and provide a link to them so we can look in to this further. Sounds like it would be driver related.