View Full Version : WEAPONS Regarding bows normal attack and the draw part.

21st Mar 2014, 13:10
So apparently i've misunderstood the bow and how it works, it just felt natural to me so i didn't even question it.
We got the bow and its normal damage and then we got the draw damage but i thought in between if you draw and release it early you get that extra bonus for the time spent holding in the attack but that isn't happening (right?).
What do you guys think about that?

21st Mar 2014, 16:22
I made another post in the classes forum, but it no one has responded either. I think it's a change worth atleast testing and playing with.

21st Mar 2014, 16:52
Just so you know, dps is higher if you never draw your bow. Downside is you burn your ammo faster and missing a shot does punish you. So while it may seem cool to add partial damage for drawing the bow the downside is that there is little to no negative to drawing your bow. Drawing the bow is supposed to give a bit of risk reward for extra damage when its fully charged. It has been discussed and for now the devs did mention this was the way they wanted to work. Not saying it won't happen but currently thats how they feel.

In close quarters which is the only place I can think of to partially draw your bow, its actually better to just do 3 unaimed shots in that time, your dps will be higher.