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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Xt0S6taFeI --- FFVII Remastered - The Forgotten Capital (Extended)

So you have a great idea? Listen to the Old Man ( ;) ) Sometimes your idea is hot, sometimes it is cold. Now find your passion and go there. Turn your idea into a baseball. Instead of someone else pitching you the ball. You have another great idea. ' Why don't I just throw it up to myself?'

Set your baseball on Fire Because there is no limit.

Open The Drift. And aim for the stars.

Words...form the wall that carry the action or emotion. Fan fiction, science fiction and fiction alike.

The references in game to the Ancient Cetra were few and far in between. The guardian at Temple of the Ancients seemed not to be able to communicate through words. Ancient stones funneled the cries of the planet at the Forgotten Capital. The communication to strong for Cloud to understand.

There is no limit. There is only limit if you let it exist, even then you can still cross it. The hand's of 'Yes' be your guide. Let's find out why Final Fantasy 7 is #1. Find The Lifestream is a Journey. It's up to those who travel it to open all the door's. Be a cup of water on your journey's, follow the path of least resistance to find the truths! Or be guided by the false light!

Thanks for tuning in. Let's take a second. Do you know the city of Alexandria, and the Alexander Summon?

If you don't know what it is or even if you like the idea. The point is, it's a destination on this map. Start sharing this link with friends. But don't "Bloat it out" to random places.

If this is going to be a good one, it would be nice to hear some story line critics

Whatever happens, happens. Least this be someone else's drawing of good ol' Buster.

Good gaming to all.

"1, 2, 3 into the 4"
"bring your green hat!"
**Fan Fiction #1**
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FF7 Fans

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Disc 2 is all the way down on the bottom of the page.

Dear Readers,

Allow me to express my gratitude to you for getting thus far. There is also a 4% chance you are here randomly. I also thank you as well.

If you are just reading this for "just because" That's cool, scroll down to where its says Loveless in big letters. I am going to include some of views on the drama. I am doing this because I am not sure if anyone is even following along or whatever.

OR If you are reading this. It means that you have interest in the 1997 PS1 Classic Final Fantasy 7. Even other titles from it's millions sold compilation.

To explain the story the better, it is wise if you actually play the games and watch the movies.

Writing this story is challenging for me because I don't want to be to far off track from the FF7 feel. There is a plethora of lure to maintain.

I ask you to look down this road I am about to pave. So that it may a pleasant ride for all to enjoy.

Square-Enix is nice enough to include FF7 characters in other video games outside of it's own series. It is obvious that the people at Square know that FF7 is really special, as do it's dedicated fans around the world. How many other games from 1997 still have the fan base that FF7 has today?

Being in 1997 as a young adolescent was a real treat for anyone who knows. It's my opinion that some type of new installment should be released to mark the 20th year Anniversary of the game. I guess that part is up to it's fan's and the creators?

My thought's of the Classic game may differ to a young video gamer in the present. With so many platforms of gaming available today, and since then. The patina of the game is lost in translation.

Maybe to better understand the game and all of its facets. It must first be catapulted into the future, now?

There are many fan's that can say

Final Fantasy 7. A game, where you are thrust into the original Crisis. The point at which everything changes. Perhaps one of the most memorable gaming experiences of all time. When Aerith departs by way of the Masamune.

An incredible view to this day. It's black beaches still littered with remnants of the past. From a crisis that went to far.

Attn: Translator: 'Language to confuse the masses, would not that make us all a dog?

Wakara-nai ne

( speed and agility, strength and durability )

Dear Square,

I am ready to listen, if you but had a few minutes.

Thanks to you the most. Here are my thoughts on the subject...

Disc 1

"Dilly Dally Shilly Shally"

( A Grand Slam Request )
Introduction Casting Scene

A message from the past
Set in the realm of nothing, where Cloud receives the voices
( Story )

Narrator??: ( Unidentified )
"140 years had passed since the Calamity from the sky fell. We were prosperous, but blind of the festering."

Only rumors are existing today. Years later after the geo stigma crisis. The Calamity from the sky remains docile, while in the shadows something even more sinister grows. It’s presence known to only a select number in this world.

This is the story of Holy.

Cosmo Canyon
GI: Cave exit
( Story )

"Nanaki, protector of Cosmo Canyon. Guardian of the planet. Search your memories of the words of Grandfather.

The memories and teachings live on in Lifestream.

You can find the answers if you listen closely. Whispers of the future are found on the words and ideas of the Ancients and all who passed.

Search your feelings of him. Listen to the story of Seto's greatest achievement."

________End Introduction_______

Part 1

A Quote from the movie Pacific Rim:

"Haven't you heard, Mr. Beckett? The world is coming to an end. Where would you rather die? Here, or in a Jaeger?

Today. Today... at the edge of our hope, at the end of our time, we have chosen not only to believe in ourselves, but in each other. Today there is not a man nor woman in here that shall stand alone. Not today.

Today we face the monsters that are at our door, and bring the fight to them. Today, we are canceling the apocalypse!

Mako! You can finish this! I'll always be there for you! You can always find me in the drift!"

( Story )

The drift

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8X3ACToii0 ---Rise Against - Savior
Scene 1

Outside Midgar, somewhere near Kalm.

Zack’s resting place really was never easy for Cloud to go to in the first place. He remained there a while this day. Slightly over grown vegetation spilled down from boulders. The sword that Zack gave Cloud still remains.

It’s wear and tear was sure noticeable. The lights reflection is tainted as it crosses over the oxidizing surfaces of the relic.

Cloud is perched up to a rock staring beyond to Midgar.

He thinks to himself:

“Memories together, individual experiences. We can retrace the footsteps of those times. Chance encounters and wishful thinking. It is the path's that connects us together. Why then, is the fog covering city? Thing's here used to be much different. Yet the presence of oath remains."

( The memories of Cosmo Canyon at the bonfire. Nanaki decides to join Cloud and his friends permanently )

"Everything is where it belongs."

Cloud looks at the sword only for a short time.

Remembering Zack is challenging for Cloud. Scientific experiments left their bodies traumatized. Not to mention the Mako posioning... If it weren't for Zack well then.

(Thinking to himself )
"Still difficult to remember. Thought I was past this.

We have good memories…I owe everything to him. "

Unsettling feelings would occasionally trigger Cloud to search his past for answers. He knew this should not be this way. Something is there reaching out to him. Was it Her? Floating out there, where it was he did not know.

Like a splinter in the world, Jenova remains in the planet. Held back?

It was disseminated in the Lifestream. It's will lives on. It remains protected from her child. Shinra Soldier 1st Class Sephiroth. The highest Rank of the Shinra Soldier Program. After events past, Sephiroth evolved into nothing less than a Super Soldier.

It was the bane of Clouds existence to settle the score for his friends lost by Sephiroth's hand.

They were his memories.

Gaia remained free of pestilence. Some places are still even unknown. New towns are springing up in the wake of Peace. The past rooted under its inhabitants. The future seems to be in their hands.

The Shinra remained, their locations undisclosed and unwanted. Trails of knowledge erased with the High Ranking Shinra officials. They were either systematically targeted or perished due to their own diabolic scheming.

The planets wane sparks to life amidst the choppy waves of uncertainty. Grey areas remains open, lofting like some unfinished business.

Obtaining closure meant only one thing for Cloud. That he would have to re-live his past. The memories are always flush ripe for him. Teetering on a thread, holding together his reality.

The Jenova S-Cells in his body provides a more vivid experience through it all. They seemed to be strongest when focused around his past.

He did not know if it was because of the mutual attraction the Cells have. Even mentioning it gives recognition to their tuned frequencies of a mire past. Perhaps there could be some degradation process for S-Cells after all.

Everything the planet had been through. It has only made the cycle stronger and more ever lasting.

Clouds body also had been through so much stress in his journey’s through lifestream. Has faced adversity in his life. Often a rush of heightened senses would pulsate. It was reminiscent of being in the Northern Cave. Or saturated with Mako to the bones. To Cloud this was just normal, but the occurrences made him drift…

( Say bye-bye to Cloud? In all of the world Jenova will permanently exist in one place. The mimetic legacy lives on as long as Cloud remains. The Jenova S-Cells, the essence of Sephiroth remains in Cloud. )

Scene 2

Cloud is tearing through dirt fields on his motorcycle. Dust is flying behind him. Upgrades are clearly noticeable, but today. He rides with UltimaX. The weapon is colored spectral blue, nocturnal edges.

It was once rumored in Shinra Security, that the place was possibly a hot spot for Top Secret Turk research, maybe even Shinra Weapons R &D. Negligence is upon the land, scar's banded on the surface afoot the facility's surrounding location.

The four winds blow across the plains, churning dust from the ground. Cloud approaches an abandoned unmarked outpost getting closer. A flag post with no flag. The integrity of the small structure is fading at best.

Documents were from someone on watch when the shack closed. They suggested that an accident happened here. It stated the accident might have occurred due to a magnetic fluctuation from the mountain near by. The sentries last entry says:

“Mako has split a crevice of the mountain. The facility will be undergoing quarantine as a result from an unexpected eruption. ”

Cloud decided that he would first determine the route to the Shinra facility. Even locate the entrance before the darkness completely set in. Cloud knew the facility should be located relatively close to the post. It was getting dark, not much light in the area .

He also knew that Tifa was going to be upset with him when she finds out he was late because of Shinra. Thing's are on the up for Cloud. He and Tifa look after Denzel and Marlene.

Riding along the mountain, parallel to the tree line. He notices the reflection of stars off the brush polished head of Fenrir.

A moments glance was a snap shot of the sky.

"Nibelheim. These stars look like the same stars above the well. "

There is a green glaze, limelight to the sky near this part of the mountain. The stars burn bright in a spectrum of their perspective colors. It is eerily reminiscent of the stagnant air of Nibelheim.

Whatever it may be, something is off about the situation. It could be anything. The shore line where Diamond assaulted Midgar was close by. Perhap's it's Shinra facility? Cloud decided to return home and just visit back in a day or two. He found where he needed to be.

Scene 3

Cloud returns back to Tifa's.

She is questioning him about where he has been. Denzel wanted to show him something important but he is asleep now.

Tifa: "What are you chasing Cloud? Remember we are here together. We have our family and friends. Denzel wanted to show you a gift from Reeve. He ( Denzel ) looks up to you Cloud. "

Cloud:" You are right Tifa. I will ask him to show me tomorrow. Is he feeling better?"
Tifa" Yes he is, the mountain flower you found really helped his stomach."

Cloud: "I remember our promise always Tifa. "
Tifa :" Me too. Keep up the good work Cloud.
Where did you go today?"

Cloud: "The flower was exactly where you said it would be. I was checking out the area, and found old Shinra sentry logs"
Tifa: "Where and what did they say?"

Cloud: " It was a remote guard post. The only places near it were Midgar and mountains. The details were mostly insignificant, they only talked about a facility closing. It must have been knocked down.
The place was familiar to me though. "

Tifa: "Drifting drifting, drifting drifting Cloud. "

( Tifa knew that it was not good for Cloud to indulge in his history with Shinra. )

Tifa:"Make sure you see Denzel before anything. He is excited you are back!"

The smile she gives Cloud always makes him feel better.

Part 2
Chaos Beckoning
( story )


Symbol of the Moon

At the edge of despair, wait's the one.
Walking the walk. Descending is the depth.
Infinite in power, answering to none.
Maleficent in nature. Your attention, has she kept.

Darkness ahead is there no end?
In a reflection, will we hide our nightmares.
To prey upon the light.

( Shinra Mansion Basement )

His nightmares are stronger than normal. The encounter with Omega Weapon was not without collateral damages.

Vincent committed 100% percent of his body to Chaos in order to subdue the forces of evil. For all the effort put in to contain it, Chaos had almost taken everything away from him. Vincent maintains control.

In any manner, the nightmares are much more lucid.

He is watching the fight with Omega as a partition in his own dream. The details were mostly just the same, only fuzzy at certain points. It faded in and out of focus. The burning pain just normal. Only this time everything is slightly retrospect. As Vincent is advancing he is focused on the results. His dreamscape slightly shifting before him.

He knows the next action, and it is fluid. He can feel certain body reactions that are slightly off from his own.

Vincent had always alluded the darkness in the decades sleep before he met Cloud. His atonement was the core purpose.

The fight against Omega was the keystone that solidified the bond.

In the final moments, it felt to Vincent that Chaos had slowed time.

Vincent saw the final blows sequenced out before him . A predetermined series of motions were set in place.

A phase shift occurred, the darkness' depth was becoming finite. Giving into the premonitions meant pressuring the grips of reality of the vessel.

Vincent: " And to who do I actually owe the pleasure too? I'm convinced this is not the way."

It was understood to Vincent in these dreams he is susceptible. He would fall into a deep sleep in response to loss of control.

Whereas before, Vincent rejected Chaos. Now both vessel and intent were becoming one. It is a melding pot of crossing nightmares. He is certain the nightmares were becoming increasingly potent.

Four walls and time. All that's left is to wake up.

Fast forwards in time to ( Story )

Part 3
Life is good

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsPeAdsh-i4 ---[Dubstep] - Rogue - Exogenesis [Monstercat Release]

Oil storage fields of Crummel ( random town name, not sure where Square has Barrets oil operation set at )
( Story )

Oil field Alpha-1:
To much pressure built up in the reducer valve. Oil started spraying from the valve stem in all directions. The team is trying it's best to secure the leak. Bastion has been foreman for almost one week now. He was dealing with it as best as he could.

"This might be one for the boss" he thought.

The emergency crimping kit was at site Delta-4. The boss made a last minute decision to work at Alpha-1. He likes to bring his daughter on the weekends, the area is scenic. The new arm graft is top quality material. He could easily stop this leak.

Bastion: "*#%@ *#%@ why is this happening right now?!?"

"Open emergency dump valve for FV-2. HURRY VIOLET!"
Yelling to his team mate who is posted by the switch station

Violet did not even have time to confirm the switch. Bastion was already back at the valve before she could say anything. Using any method available to slow the leak.

It only took a few seconds after that for Reiss to dash over to assist his older brother. He gave Bastion another garment to try and strengthen the area around the valve stem.

Violet was sprinting over with some absorbents from the oil spill kit.

Bastion realized that a 3 days before the accident could have been prevented. He was showing is younger brother Reiss how to inspect the valve before installing it. He forgot to mention that the packing material exposure allowance was only 1/8th inch. Anything more could be a potential system failure or even worse

Bastion" Did you see Barret near the station Violet!?"
Violet replies "No one is there!"
Bastion: "#$%@$$! Hurry both of you, go find him and bring him back!!"
Violet and Reiss split in 2 directions.

Bastion managed to get some of the packing material back into the valve housing. He could ease pressure on his makeshift field turnicate. He took a sigh of relief.

Then suddenly he saw the switchboard trip indicating a slight increase in pressure. Not a second after, the packing material on the valve stem freed itself. The surface area of the leak increased from the tampered packing material. It was now spraying oil almost twice as hard.

'Very loud audible alarm going off '

The pressure on the relief valve was now building. The slightest increase could pop the valve. Back pressure in the system build up. A massive explosion could result.

Covered in oil, Bastion stands up. The hair's on the back of his neck raise up. He takes a deep breath and pushes his chest out.
Bastion: " BOSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!"

Continue to ( Story )

Good Inentions backfire
Part 2 -Sub-chapter 1 ( optional story : Reeve Tuesti )
Further in game preview = (1/2 way through original FF7 disc 2 ))

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlzRuOzfD4A --- [Dubstep] - Draper - Men & Machines [Redemption] [Monstercat FREE Release]

The machine Reeve had designed was working great. Cubic meters of debris easily excavated with ease. The ground was terrible shale. The meteor's impact churned up iron from the crust.

Rufus Shinra, a well to do business man paces the rim of the crater.

Rufus " Exactly how many pockets of gas are we expecting? "

A young Reeve responds:" 30, at least sir. Our team trains for that many, were actually only expecting somewhere around 14-18."
"The machines are designed to withstand up to 2 pockets at once"

The team managed the excavate around 160 meters. They encountered an Iron layer.

Dialing the wrong #
Part 2 Sub Chapter 2 ( optional )
Professor Ghast showing an experiment of magnets.

Reeve was among the attendance.

Ghast:"Observe the things we can do with magnets."

The group moves in closer Rufus Shinra and Reeve in front.

There was a flake of Mako on the table contained in a dark liquid of a test beaker. On either side of it was a small machine.

The magnetic energy frequency increased. It became a polarized lifeflake.

With special glasses, Reeve moves closer to observe the reactions.

"Aside the light, there is a ripple on the surface"

Increasing power created more intricate patterns.

Fast forward

Rufus Shinra and Reeve Tuesti speaking in the new Shinra tower.

Rufus funded Reeve to design and build Midgar No. 1 Mako Reactor

Rufus Shinra" They will never be able to stop the main vein from opening! Haha no matter what our enemies try. "

( Laughing together ) Rufus: "hahaha nothing can stop us Reeve!

Reeve was left with a last resort choice.

(Avalanche ) or ( Turks ) had( been tricked) or ( been successful ) in the core of the reactor.

He decided that an overcharge of Mako could actually cause the reactor to trip and fail. A casualty Reeve knew would be irreplaceable for Rufus Shinra. He could stop this madness, and if he did nothing...

Flushing Bad Memories...
Part 2 Sub Chapter 3

System Casualty Reports were flooding into the Central Command of the Shinra HQ. This was a terrible event in the Urban Development Department.

The foreign Shinra observation posts were reporting radiation poisoning to local citizens and wild life. In Mideel, Shinra field agents noted the increase in Mako activity. All over the world, the same thing.

The overcharging of the system effectively over worked the components of the Mako reactors causing a failure. It would be a few years before it could be restored to operating conditions.

Consequentially the overcharge might have freed whatever was in the way at the Northern Crater. It was determined the reason they could not punch threw was because there was something on the other side...

In the center of all reports and information is the constructor.

Newly promoted department head of Urban Development Department Reeve.


Part 4
Destination Paradise
( Story )


The city is dressed in it's festive attire. It is the Festival of the New Year in the Wutai. There are red colored tents and stages. The costumes of the dancers are Red and Green with golden lacing.

Banners and streamers wave in the wind above the tents. All over Wutai the buildings have different decorations. There are blow up dragons on a string. They are floating around in certain areas of the crowds.

The barbeque stand smelled of delicious grill top cooked livestock. Across from the barbeque on a stick stand was the fried sea foods. The fryers crisp and crackled loudly.

The Wutai natives hustled and bustled behind the tents. Keeping up with celebration and laughter.

On the stage the local art school was performing the traditional dragon dances. A variety of deep drums and shamisen ( violin type instrument ) are the heartbeat. Leviathan Scales were dominantly displayed in the middle of the stage in a crystalline glass case.

Godo is foreseeing the festival, making sure the tourist and refugee's are well cared for.

While maintaining the tradition of his, and his people's. The significance of the holiday is to welcome in a new prosperous year and give thanks.

The people of Wutai welcomed their far west neighbors. Many families were misplaced from the devastation of Midgar. Lifestream masted explosion that engulfed Mideel. So many places destroyed. Gaia was still recovering, it was only fit.

The Sun is peaking at its highest point over the mountains. The clouds above open and let the sun in on the fair day. The sun hits the scales and illuminates the stage for a moment. Red colored decorations in the town take on a more vibrant shade of red.

Godo takes delight in seeing the happiness.


During a tour of Wutai's Pagoda tower 2 weeks before. Yuffie upset the headmaster by not doing what he told her. He instructed her that she was to provide a community service for the townspeople.

The congregation meeting took place by Yuffie's home. They were tasked to make sure Wutai remained clean.

The children with Yuffie were mostly misfits. Out side the Turtle Paradise Lounge, Yuffie convinced the young kids that she could help them find buried treasure from around Wutai. Naturally they told their friends. Yuffie named them Turtle Gang.

Materia Master Yuffie: " Yes, that's right kiddo's! Your clan leader returns, now what do you have for me?"

Kid 1 : "We don't understand why we have to clean up these places to find treasure.
Kid 2 : "Yeah!"
Kid 3 : "We should be digging!"

Yuffie replies to the crowd: "Digging?! That makes you dirty and sleepy! I know the places where we can find the treasures! We have to do this first. So later, we can access those places to clean! Now go out and clean before we miss our opportunity!"

The kids scattered through out the town. Low and high they cleaned it of any trash or foreign debris.

Yuffie approaches Godo who is in the center place of town.

Godo: "I must say Yuffie, the town is looking very good. I saw that you were able to get some little helpers?"
Yuffie: " Yes that's right! We all decided that the town was becoming littered with trash. They are good group of scamps!"

Godo looks at Yuffie as to say 'hmm'.

Godo: "Good Yuffie, I hope that you understand now that the treasure belongs to the people. As the headmaster there can be no other way. "

Yuffie has no choice but to listen.

Godo: "When are we expecting your friends? The spiky haired one I think?"
Yuffie: " Who Cloud? Waaa-ha, who knows what he is doing. I talked with Tifa, Barret, Nanaki."

"Tifa said that she was bringing Cloud, Denzel and Marlene."
"Barret said that Cid and Reeve are also coming. And that they are also bringing new friends."
"Nanaki is coming too!"

Godo: " Good, good. Make sure you bring them to the Pagoda OK?"
Yuffie: " Yes Sir!"

Godo: " And Yuffie.."
Yuffie: " What?"
Godo: " Clean up around home, it's a mess."
Yuffie: "Ughh, whatever Gramps!"

End Scene

"The treasure is mine!! I was the one who found it anyway" ( throwing rice )
"I will have it back one way or the other nyuck nyuck nyuck"

Cargo Deck of Shera II

The Shera II luxury was not over looked. The conference room was big enough to hold 20 people, comfortably.

There is much excitement in the air. Everyone is onboard. Marlene, Tifa and Denzel were talking about their last time they had a vacation.

This was something very new for Denzel. The last vacation was fun and nice, but this one meant more. He was getting to go places he has never really been for. Everything was OK though. Because he was just happy to be with Cloud and his friends.

Tifa: " Has it really been that long Marlene?"
Marlene: " Yea! I was really small! I think this one is going to be much funner Tifa!"

Tifa: " That's right, I know you will love it there."
Marlene: "What do you think Denzel?"

Denzel: "I want to go and see the mountain there!"
Marlene: "Yes me too, me too!"

Marlene:" But is it dangerous there?"
Cloud: "Not anymore. We just need to be careful not to injure ourselves."

Denzel: " Is that why you brought Choco, Cloud? "
Cloud: " Yes. As well as getting him out to stretch his legs."
Marlene: " Good thinking!"

Cid voice suddenly comes over the announcement system of the airship.

Cid: "Attention all hands, the ship is landing in 35 minutes, make preparations!"

Cloud: " Let's go see Choco together before we land."
Denzel and Marlene: " Yeaa!!"

Cloud, Marlene and Denzel make their way to the door of the conference room. They are headed to the inner cargo deck. Where the Chocobo Stable is.

Before exiting the room, Marlene turns to Tifa.

Marlene: " Are you coming with us too, Tifa?"
Tifa: " I will stay here, I need to talk with our friends before we land."

Marlene:" OK"

Marlene quickly turns around. With a hop and skip in her step, she exits the room. She was really happy because her Dad bought her a new dress to wear. It was her favorite color too.

Tifa: "So Violet, Barret told me that you lived in Sector 5?"
Violet: "That's right sugar. I moved out of Sector 4 a few years before The Collapse."

Tifa:" Did you like staying in Sector 5?"
Violet: "The food was ok, but it sure was a strange place!"
Barret: "S#!&, you can say that again."
Everyone except Reiss laughs a little
Tifa:"It's true!"
Violet:" I do remember some good folk there."

Barret: "Yo Reiss, you said you grew up in the Corel Desert?
Reiss:" Yeah, my brothers and I left when I was only 16."
Barret: " Have you ever been to Cosmo Canyon? It ain't to far from there."
Reiss: "We almost did one time, but things changed."
He gestures a waving thumbs up indicating the meteor fall.

Nanaki:" If you should decide that you would like to go there, please let me know."
Barret:" Nanaki here is the Guardian of Cosmo Canyon. He knows every in and out of Cosmo Canyon."
Reiss:" Ok, thanks then. I will have to plan it out."

The Chocobo Stable was located exactly center line of the airship's keel. It could house up to 5 Golden Chocobo. The Golden Chocobo's were always more energetic than any of it's other relatives. They needed additional space to move around.

Denzel: "Cloud, why are the Golden Chocobo special?"
Cloud:" Well mostly because he can choose to go anywhere in the world he wants."
Marlene:" But why can't the other Chocobo do the same thing?"
Cloud: "It's what makes him special. He and his parents decided that they would be able to enjoy the fruits of the world. It is their determination to be the best."

Choco: " Wark!"

King and Queen of the Moonlight
She is too far out of reach for him. He can feel the grip of the darkness pulling him back.

Vincent: "Lu.....LUCRECIA!!!"

Vincent collapses to his knees. The sorrow is crippling for Vincent. His face plants to his hands in dismay. The darkness is closing in the dreamscape. Energy from the void can be felt measured in pounds per square inch on the vessel.

Vincent:" What about HER PAIN AND SORROW."

The transformation was in progress. Chaos is starting the take over.

Vincent closes his eye's. The pressure shifting. And then the scar. The burning pain, each and every time Vincent and Chaos bonded. The land scape was returning. The place where Vincent and Lucrecia would meet was getting closer.

A final choke of the vessel. Darkness is preventing him from her...

An unnatural fiery explosion occurs as the transformation is complete.

Chaos:"HAHAHA Where are you fiend?!"

Chaos now standing facing the darkness. The light behind his back. Chaos can see better with his mind's eye. In the darkness there is a foreboding shadow that is centralized. He could see it's rough edges amidst the weary darkness.

Cargo Deck Of Shera II

Violet and Reiss were making their way out to the air deck. They wanted to see the city coming in.

The last 6 months have been really difficult for Reiss. The explosion took his brother Bastion. The event plagues him ill. It was Violet and Barret that have been keeping him from being rash.

Tifa, Barret, Nanaki are talking in the conference room.

In her most soothing tone; Tifa:"I know how you are feeling right now. It's not true though. No matter what we could have done differently. Life...will always have it's way."

Barret:"Thank my lucky stars for you, Tifa"

Tifa: "There is something important we need to talk about. I'm afraid it's not safe to discuss it here."

King and Queen of the Moonlight

The patterns edge is not constant.

With a ferocious stance, Chaos begins to raise his arms. His body entrenched with a crimson aura. Energy is visible emanating from the vessel. Like heat escaping from a window.

Chaos:"You pose as the shadow, cowardice! Only PAIN awaits you...HAHAHAHA!"

Trembling with raw energy, the vessel focuses. A concavity of energy releases from it's shoulder into the moon lit sky. The vessel opened it's eyes and released a horrid roar. It lunged at the darkness, it clinched the memories in his hand.

Chaos dropped a bomb of energy on the area that shifted. It caused a ripple on the fabric of their plane. The crimson purple energy that resignated in the blast zone. It was sucked into the void of darkness.

In the depth's Chaos saw two red eyes,

A voice, a whisper. It skipped higher tone notes. Sounded like it had been dredged through the mud.
"Your memories are meaningless. Everything you are is because of my bidding."

Now bear witness to the Dream Devastator. I will continue to take pleasure in your remorse. I am the upheaval, the Alpha. Obsidian Malice. My will can not be stopped.
( Alpha + Omega )

Zack ( Past ) = Cloud ( Present ) = Aerith ( Future )
Sephiroth = Jenova Masculinity-----------------------------------------Re-Union
Chaos ( Past ((Ancient)) = Vincent ( Present ) = ?? ( future )
Obsidian Malice ( Ancient ) Jenova Masculinity----------------------Union
Jaffe Malice
( who the hell is that? stay tuned )

And then there was only darkness, the burning pain subsiding.

Vincent free thoughts" I am not ready yet."

The sensation of mutual understanding came from with in the vessel.

Chaos:"I am not ready yet...Yet I see you now."

A high pitch frequency is heard, it grows until it is deafening.

**( This is where I intend show the evolution of the Lifestream. How the past, present, and future exists at one point. Similar to Cloud connecting with Zack and Aerith )**

Destination Paradise
Just outside Wutai.

The Shera II is touched down. The deck hands are securing the ship to the ground.

A big welcome party is waiting for their heralded guests. Full dress dancers had the crowds following them. The airship is parked directly at the furthest point of the dancing parade.

The decorative lanterns are the first thing Denzel notices about Wutai. Not to mention the big tower and mountain. He saw them kilometers away.

The Party is leaving the brow of the airship.

Reeve: "Everything look's great."
Cid: "Now you don't see that every day."

The sun is setting behind the mountains.

Barret:" Whoa, what a sight for sore eyes."
Tifa:" Great!"
Nanaki:"Oh my..."

Darting through the crowds of people there is a flash. It's kind of all over the place.

Then Yuffie appears at the bottom of the stairs to greet her friends.

Yuffie: "Hi guys! Long time no see! Welcome to the Lantern Festival! You made it in perfect timing. The Art School is going to be displaying the grand finale tonight!"
Cloud: "We are all honored for the invitation."

( It's been a while since I have been the Actual Lantern Festival in Japan. By the way, I have a good idea about Japan and Wutai. I have been to those Cliffs, rested my head there on the White Beaches. Kicked back a few with friends. We stormed the black beaches with our dragons. Each and every time the dragons would hit the beach, it would knock the wind out of them. We were the ones who put them back together. It was on our shoulders that the Dragons flew. )

Yuffie: " Here is your Program."

21:00 ( 9pm )--- Fireworks
20:00 ( 8pm )--- Headmaster's Blessing's
19:45 ( 7:45 )--- Dawn of the Lanterns
17:30 ( 5:30pm )--- Feast of the Dragon

10:45--- Dragon's Roost Summit
08:00 --- Pagoda Celebration / Paradise Breakfast

--For all intensive purposes I will be coming back to this part. Or you can post a quick reply, for a scene you think would work. I was thinking maybe something like Denzel and Marlene interacting with the Turtle Gang. For now, I will cut to the chase.

( wake up Chrono )

Deep in the Wutai Mountain, inside a Materia Cove

Godo has directed Yuffie and the Party to a growing concern in the planet.

Godo:" You see this Materia was not this color before. I do not know what to make of it."
"It's used to hold the color of the mountain flame."

Nestled in a bosom of vines is a large piece of condensed Materia. The fountain of light around contained whispers of Ancient knowledge. The color mixes from bright flames to a daunting Auburn color.

Cloud:" Hmm, I remember the heat of the fires in the mountain caverns of this place. So hot were the flames."
Yuffie:" Yeah, but we never came to this place!"

Godo:" This fountain is the light of hope for our people. Yuffie, I did not intend to share this information with you this way. I am afraid that the Planet might be fighting for it's life again."

Cid:" Where are all the damn monsters then?"

Godo:"An excellent point, our lands remain free of evil."
Barret: "What's to worry about? That headless freak Jenova ain't been seen or heard from since we took it out."

Godo:"The last time something like this occurred was before the Great War."

Reeve: "There are subtle nuances that make me inclined to follow you Godo. I think there might be some bigger answer to this mystery we are not yet aware of."

Everyone immediately looks to Reeve. He is well known for his public speaking skills. He can illustrate his words and ideas with his hands.

Reeve:"Indeed though, reports of Mako fluctuation have been coming in over the past several months. They are nothing to worry over. The WRO is dedicated to be prepared for anything. We directly monitor the levels of toxicity in affected area's."
Barret:" I don't know, that sounds like something awful familiar."
Tifa: "What's going on Reeve, do you know something we don't?"
Reeve:" You can trust me when I say we have no more affiliation with them than we did 3 years ago. It's even less now."

Cloud:" It is the Planet's choice. It does not pick and choose it's battles. Faith, is our biggest weapon...we all know this. "

King and Queen of the Moonlight

Vincent came too from the deafening tone. The burning pain has gone. He was dressed back in his old uniform.

Vincent:" Ugh..what happened? Where am I?"'

A slightly familiar voice echoes out to him.

"More importantly; When are you?"

Vincent:"What kind of foul magic is this?"

Voice:"I realized that the battles you fight are the same as mine."
"140 years had passed since the Calamity from the sky fell. We were prosperous, but blind of the festering. The Shards were no longer with us, they were transported after the Crisis."

"These are my memories, that live on threw you."

Vincent:" What, just who are you?"

"I am you, Chaos is our vessel. I am of the Cetra. My name is Etherial, and it is best you not forget it."

An apparition appeared and focused. The silhouette of Cetra became visible on the landscape with Vincent.

Etherial:" My best friend was Jaffe. He was the strongest of our kind. He proved himself best during the war against the Calamity. After the War ended there was peace. Jaffe was the best Warrior because his mind was the sharpest. He knew it was this way. He became blinded by his own ambitions. The corruption occurred in the Ancient city of Clandestine. It was on the furthest boarders of our Kingdom. Beyond was the lands of the young human race."

Etherial:" The Creature took form of the most beautiful Human Woman the Planet had known. "

( Decisions, decisions...So I know what happens next. But, I think we will come back here later. What do you think? )

Destination Paradise

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uR6ql8Dbco ---Green Hell - Pepper

( For my friends in Hawaii, 808 and heart breaks ;)
Now spread your wings, and give flight. Always remember,no matter what. NEVER give up the @#$%!!


Prologue (Poem)
When the war of the beasts brings about the world's end
The goddess descends from the sky
Wings of light and dark spread afar
She guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting

When the wars bring about the ends. Jenova will appear. Her influence will overwhelm all. The gift of fear is everlasting

The Build up of FF7 and FF7 Crisis Core / My story will reflect an ancient Aspect

Act I (Poem)
Infinite in mystery is the gift of the Goddess
We seek it thus, and take to the sky
Ripples form on the water's surface
The wandering soul knows no rest.

(Her beauty alienated. We seek it's approval. The creature will continue to destroy worlds. )

Act II (Poem)
There is no hate, only joy
For you are beloved by the goddess
Hero of the dawn, Healer of worlds

( Dear Aerith, there is only hope. For you are also loved by Jenova )

Dreams of the morrow hath the shattered soul
Pride is lost
Wings stripped away, the end is nigh

( No matter what you do, I will always triumph. The end is near )

Act III (Poem)
My friend, do you fly away now?
To a world that abhors you and I?
All that awaits you is a somber morrow
No matter where the winds may blow

( You seek to ascend to save this place? A place where you ( Cetra, the Ancients ) and I are hated by them. (( humans )) But, alas. )

My friend, your desire
Is the bringer of life, the gift of the goddess

( With out destruction, there can not be creation )

Even if the morrow is barren of promises
Nothing shall forestall my return

( Even if the future seems to be in your hands, I shall return )

Act IV (Poem)
My friend, the fates are cruel
There are no dreams, no honor remains
The arrow has left, the bow of the goddess

( Dear Cloud and Zack, twisted by my will. No honor remains, you can not Embrace your Dreams" )

My soul, corrupted by vengeance
Hath endured torment, to find the end of the journey
In my own salvation
And your eternal slumber

( By Sephiroth's hand I will guide you. To save myself. From this eternal sleep. )

Legend shall speak
Of sacrifice at world's end
The wind sails over the water's surface
Quietly, but surely

( And HE will make the sacrifice, at the worlds end. )

Sephiroth / And ?? in FF7
Genesis / Zack and Cloud in FF7 Crisis Core
(I am going this way because Denzel was also an orphan. The gift of the goddess approves. To perpetuate the cycle )

Act V (Poem)
Even if the morrow is barren of promises
Nothing shall forestall my return
To become the dew that quenches the land
To spare the sands, the seas, the skies
I offer thee this silent sacrifice

( Even if the future seems to be in your hands. I shall return. To become the lifestream and the planet. I seek the 3 shards. I offer this silent sacrifice to perpetuate the cycle of fear. )

Love Always

The story focuses around three men who set out on a quest to find the fabled "Gift of the Goddess"

( imagine a pyramid. And at the Pinnacle is Jenova ( the Goddess )the bottom left corner is ?? the bottom right corner is Sephiroth. Now the bottom line that connects the bottom corners will have Obsidian Malice under it )
??(portrayed as Jaffe Malice)

Shera II Air Deck

Marlene:"Let's return here again! We met so many new friends."
Denzel:"The shows were awesome! I especially liked the swordsmanship tradition one."

Reeve:" Have you been training with the new swordstick Denzel?"

Denzel looks to Cloud;
Denzel:"Not yet, but I can't wait to try it."
Cloud:"You got it, we can try it when we get back."

Cloud:"OK everyone. Let's meet back up in a week. Our Destination is Wutai Make sure you are available.

Visiting / Nanaki departing Cosmo Canyon.

Cloud:"Just be ready for anything."
Nanaki:" Ok Cloud, I will look into this matter. The caves life has been since returning. In places, stones light is Returning."
Cloud:" When did you notice this?"
Nanaki:"Well...I must say it lay unbeknownst to me. I happen to 'stumble upon it'. That's not it, there is another secret that sleeps there."
Cloud:"You are going to have to show me what you are talking about?"
Nanaki:"Ok. Although it must be only when the time is appropriate."

Cloud:"Ok, keep your phs ( cell phone ) on."
Nanaki:"Yes I will."

Shera II Conference Room
Reeve:"So Cloud, what do you think?

Cloud:"I don't see why not. We can come check out the place sometime."
Denzel:"Yeaaa that would be fun to go see the WRO!"

Reeve:"I'll let you know if I hear anything."
Cloud:"Great, just be ready."

Shera II Air Deck

Cid:" Shoot, we might as well just dig in now."

Cloud:"Does everyone remember the night before?"
Tifa:" Yes, I remember it well."
Barret:"You bet yer spiky #$%, that was when she became my life."

Cid:" What are you getting at?"

Tifa:"She did not wait, she went to that place."

Cloud:"Times are changing, our climate reflects it."
"I can feel it in the planet. Can't you feel it as well Tifa?"

Avoiding eye contact;
Tifa:"I don't know what to make of it either..."

Barret:" So what do we do next?"
Cloud:" Find those memories again"

Cid:"@#$%, what about the others?"
Cloud:"Well, we need to wake up Vincent soon. Godo said he has not seen happenings of this sort since the Great War."
"We need to be vigilant for signs from the past I think. Stay aware of your surroundings. Be ready for anything."

Cid:"I'll see what I can do about Vincent."
Cloud:"Let me know if anyone hears from the Turks."

The Drift

Cloud:"So you want to save the world?"
"You must focus on the keyhole of opportunity"

"Do you see that stick there on the ground?"
Denzel looks over on the ground ahead. It's there.

Cloud:"Go ahead and pick it up. Try and hit me with it if you can."

Denzel picks up the stick and looks at it. He lifts his head up and looks at Cloud.


Over and over again, he missed. He became exhausted and angry because every advance was a miss. He throws down the stick in frustration.

Denzel:"I can't do this, even with this lousy stick."

Cloud:"Here are your first two lessons."

"1. That stick has just as much life in it as you do. You must make it apart of you, an extension of yourself."
"2. And remember always. Protect your honor and Embrace your dreams.

Denzel picks up the stick, Cloud reaches out to him.

Cloud:"Now show me, how far will you go?"

Denzel looks at the stick in his hand.

Denzel's father:"Did you remember to bring your school work home?"

He grips the bottom of the stick with two hands.


Denzel takes his first stance. The wind picks up for a second.


Cloud immediately noticed the influence of his eyes.

With each miss, Cloud watched Denzel tune his abilities.
( I want Character Tuning to be an important role in this video game. Because i think the concept is going to important when we get back to left field. )

Cloud" Where is your passion?!"

Life is good

Reeve:"It's about time, now where are those reports?"
WRO Courier:"Here sir, as requested the Genesis reports."


Marlene:"Not yet Papa, I'm not sure if she want's me to actually use it."
Barret:"And that's just fine. Continue your studies with her darling."
"One day you are going to grow up into a wonderful, smart woman. Never forget how you got to where you are in life. Always take care of your friends."

Marlene is so happy to hear the words.

Aerith is speaking with a very young child named Marlene. The Turks are hot on Aerith's tale.
Aerith:"Don't worry about your Papa, he will be just fine. He has his friends too."

Marlene:"What do you mean?
Aerith:"One day you are going grow up to be a smart, wonderful girl. You will understand. Always be there for your friends!"

Marlene:" I think I understand Papa!"

Cosmo Canyon

Nanaki: "It's best not to disturb him."


Cid is entering the spiral stair case into the Shinra basement.

Cid: "Damn place gives me the creeps. All's I ever wanted is a ticket into space."

He takes out the key that Cloud gave to him. The lock is really old and the click is more like a creek.

Cid:"OK, now which one of these is he in?"

Several coffins are in front of him.

The drift

Cloud returning from Midgar area, undiscovered Shinra Facility.

Cloud:"I have no idea what this black shard is. It's really sharp though."

The shard is about 2-3 times bigger than black materia.

The PHS cell phone rings. It's Cid.

Cid:"He's not here!"

Cloud:" What do you mean he's not there?"
Cid:"Like all the #$%$%# are empty. What else could that mean!"

Cloud:"Did you check the rest of the mansion? He also might just be in the area."
Cid:"I will look around on my way out. I need to get away from this @#$$% place."

Cloud:"OK, I'll call the others to let them know to get ready. See you soon,"

Destination Paradise

Inside Turtle Paradise lounge

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyCKoJzKnz8 --- [Dubstep] - Varien - The Scarlet Dawn [Monstercat Release]

Reno:"That's when Rude said 'were on'. Here I am on vacation in Costa Del Sol the last thing I am thinking about is getting out of the beach chair!"

"All for what? Because some stone is changing colors? That's what they do!"

Rude:"I wouldn't have said anything if I didn't think it was official."
Reno:"C'mon buddy, I smell a farce."

Rude looks at Reno in disbelief.

Cid walks in wiping the oil and dirt from his hands.

Cid:"She's ready for the long haul. Got the cold weather plating installed on the skin of the ship."

"We don't want the Shera II's line's freezing up in that cold #$% weather."

Cloud:"OK let's get this over with."

Cid is walking to the empty area on the outside. The next table over from the empty sat 2 familiar Turks.

Cid:" Well I'll be damned, I thought you boy's clocked out a while ago!"

Reno throws up signature a one hand, few finger salute.
Reno:" Good to see you too old man."

Cid:"Welcome back from the dead!"

Godo:"Let's begin everyone."
Godo:"What has been learned since last meeting?"

Reeve:" After thorough readings over both War Reports and the Genesis Reports."

"I've found that my initial guess is correct. There is evidence of increased Mako activity. The idea is perplexing to me because there are no Mako Reactors currently online...To my knowledge."

Reeve looks to the Turks.

Reno:"No way, now how."

Reeve:"Then the answer must still be out there. It is curious though, there are references to the return of Soldier 1st Class Genesis."

Reeve:"Yes, he was one time Sephiroth's friend and comrade."

"Do you remember him Cloud?"

Cloud:"It...is still difficult to remember."

Everyone gives Cloud a second.

Reeve:"It's ok Cloud, we know."

The Drift

"When the war of the beasts brings about the world's end
The goddess descends from the sky
Wings of light and dark spread afar
She guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting"

Do you sense her Cloud? She is waiting for you to come home.

No thanks, I will find her on my own.

"Hmph, all you are is a Puppet Cloud"

'Stay where you belong'

Desitnation Paradise

Tifa:"Cloud come back!"

Cloud exhales,"Huuuuh.."

Reeve and Barret hold him up.

Barret:"Yer still full of all types #%@$% surprises"

Reeve:"Sit him down"

Tifa:"Cloud are you ok?"
Cloud:"Tifa, yes I am fine. I'm sorry about that."

Yuffie:"Jeeeez Cloud you scared us!"
Godo:"Should we not be worried?"

Cloud:"No, everything is where it belongs."
Nanaki:"Cloud, there is something I must share with you."

Cloud:"What is it?"
Nanaki:"It's Vincent."

Chaos Beckons

After not knowing what to make of his new nightmares, he travel's to find answers. His travel's eventually take him to places and caves long forgotten. Searching for signs of anything. The pain of his nightmares are reaching their threshold. Seeking to align himself with the stars, fixed on going to the battlefield of the ancient depths.

Vincent:"Hello old friend."
Nanaki:"Vincent?! What a surprise."

Vincent is blended in on top of a boulder. The Red sun at his back.

Nanaki:"What brings you here?"
Vincent:"Fate, it seem's."

Vincent present's a very old spear head.
Nanaki:"Where did you find that Vincent?"

Vincent:"The Ancient Jungle."
Elbow extended, his thumb points back.

Vincent:"With your permission, may I visit those caves?"

Nanaki has grown twice as wise since the beginning. He knows all to well, that usually Vincent does not bring good news.

Nanaki:"What would grandfather say?"

Destination Paradise

Nanaki:"I told him Yes, that I would help him. He asked me not to wake him up "unless there is a Crisis".

"I indeed tried to wake him up to be here. I'm afraid that my attempts were no good...His sleep is too deep."

Cloud:"We must wake him up. His dreams are no longer safe."
Tifa:"What DO you mean Cloud?"

Cloud:'His memories belong in the mansion. Because it must sleep there."
"Something must be wrong with Vincent..."
Tifa:"That's why there was a key..."

Yuffie:"Ohh no Vincent! We have to get him and make sure he is alright!"
Nanaki:"I agree."

Cloud turns to Cid

Cloud:"Let's adjust the course, we need to go to Cosmo Canyon first."
Cid:"!@#$% it all, I'm going going gone!"

Cid:"Just point me in the direction."

Reno:"Not a bad show."

A Race to the Finish
( Breath Air into your idea )

Violet:" Is this your first time here?"
Reiss:" Yes. We never really went around to much."
"Even more so after Jax left."

Violet:" Was Jax your oldest Brother?"
Reiss responds: "Yea" with a disappointed look on his face,

Reiss:"It doesn't really matter, that's just how it's always been. Jax raised us until I was about 16. We never really knew our father either. We just heard he was always in and out of Corel Prison."

Everything is Golden.

The blue colored rope-car had just past threw the mouth of the over sized Cerulean-type Moogle. ( Hah! )

Violet:"Hey Reiss, would ya look at that!"

There were so many color's and fireworks everywhere. It is a smorgasbord of light. A dancing twitter fluttered an ambient soft white, keeping up with it is slightly tiring to the eye!

Reiss could feel and hear the rumbling of talons in a sprint. He didn't notice until he turned around.


Announcer:" And Timothy takes the lead! Sammy following close. But wait who is this?? He's gaining--

The rollar coaster's thunderous descent roared past them.

Violet:" Wow..."

Reiss and Violet are exiting the rope train.

Violet:"Shux, I hope the prices haven't changed."

Gold Saucer Greeter:" Welcome to Gold Saucer!"



Post Disc 1 Prologue

Woe is Me

A poem of struggle in the Ancient past

Protector of the breath of life.

To be more than just the rib eye of desire.

A fixed point of amusement for a broken idea.

You say the words of fortitude, and bring only servitude.

A slave to your idea's, no longer shall i be.

For I remain in silence

Woe is Me

21st Mar 2014, 03:15
I will be going back through to scrub paragraphs of run ons. This is a working progress.

Key Ideas and concepts

Exploring Clouds loss of conscious drifts. When he is able to reconnect with Aeris and Zack. Suggesting there is more than the eye sees in the game on several occasions. I simply want to story to occur with in the "dreaming status " and a normal time game. I understand it might not be wise to jump all in to an area not so well known. But it is there for us to exploit, so I apologize if i lose anyone. Just as me what I am talking about, i will try my best to explain it.

Exploring Vincent, more of his past. Showing how he and Cloud are polar opposites. Vincent can not give way to believing what he knows is true. If he does he could potentially fall asleep for a long time.

My goal is to show the evolution of Lifestream to...? Eventually in this story. You will read about Additional theology to Bugenagen, as well information on the Ancients..stay tuned

22nd Mar 2014, 02:01
Please don't do this. Advent children was neat but don't play with the original game story. Just remake it. Add around it but keep it in tact. It opens a broad range of creative cut scenes and extra hours of gameplay. I'm not feeling any of this at all. It's not the same heartbeat. I just played through the original again. Cloud isn't a role model he's a confused loner. Lost in zacks memory and leads the group only with his moxie to find answers and save the world from shinra then janova. Tifa hid who he really was. She should be more scared and hesitant to tell cloud not to live on the past. She should say lets check it out. Forgetting the past is was messed him up in the first place. Being the one to fix all that I expect a stronger voice of reason than don't live in the past. I give this attempt 2 stars.

22nd Mar 2014, 02:15
Ok i will look at it again. I was thinking that the 20th anniversary might be one that closes the compilation.

There is a rustic aura around Nibelheim this time of year. Rains wash sediments down to the mountain pass. The shifting winds bring with them churned up dust.

22nd Mar 2014, 02:22
Cloud isn't a role model he's a confused loner. Lost in zacks memory and leads the group only with his moxie to find answers and save the world from shinra then janova.

Also look at is Cloud was young when everything began. This is years past that reflects a place where there is less Shinra presence. Even after the Geo Stigma Crisis how old is Cloud?

But you are correct, I am adding another element to the beginning of the story. There is not to much literature on Ancients, fans can only speculate. I don't want to make anything to crazy. Just an area of the game that I want to polish up.

He is a confused loaner, but Tifa does not want that. She will stay close to him, as well as try to keep their friends close. It seems pretty ideal to me

If you still disagree, i will try to adjust it. Please consider that in mind, for now i would like to leave it the way it is. I think it is getting me closer to be able to better distinguish the fine line that we are now in fact talking about

22nd Mar 2014, 02:42
Would be as far fetched as to say that the original President Shinra knew something not to many knew. That could be the reason jenova has him executed

23rd Mar 2014, 02:06
As of right now the scenes on script now are going to be part of the main build up. I will go back into a scrub mode once they are to a certain point, which will be real soon. I plan to write more scenes that build up to the ones already discussed. IE a little more back drop on Barrets work crew. Or scenes that explore the battles for Vincents body. Vincent, Gallian, Chaos etc.

In regards to words and chapters...I have a start and ending in my mind for the story. The ending is a little left field. I could honestly see the story becoming a novel.

I'll write hundreds of pages if I can go back and scrub it down to something incredible.

One of my keypoints in this story is to show the evolution of lifestream. It already exists but the people of Gaia are denied it's evidence. Because of that reason I've decided not to use chapters. I want everything to flow. You see the world in their perspectives at first. Eventually characters path's will cross. The main focal point being that the uncommon results that people find when they work as a team.

At some time I'd like to introduce the gaming controls,combonations. I need to show the reader that they is reading a video game script.

As well as discussion on Materia Junction system that work's best

30th Mar 2014, 03:13
Please don't do this. Advent children was neat but don't play with the original game story. Just remake it. Add around it but keep it in tact. It opens a broad range of creative cut scenes and extra hours of gameplay. I'm not feeling any of this at all. It's not the same heartbeat. I just played through the original again. Cloud isn't a role model he's a confused loner. Lost in zacks memory and leads the group only with his moxie to find answers and save the world from shinra then janova. Tifa hid who he really was. She should be more scared and hesitant to tell cloud not to live on the past. She should say lets check it out. Forgetting the past is was messed him up in the first place. Being the one to fix all that I expect a stronger voice of reason than don't live in the past. I give this attempt 2 stars.

I read the dialogue from a tablet, you are right. It does not exactly match up with characters. It will change, I need to leave for now. to catch the rest of the story

17th Apr 2014, 04:34
500+ views

18th Apr 2014, 19:59
So I am fairly certain that I have some people's attention. In this quick reply I am attaching some links for my music. It's really only instrumental's / dubstep. All be it may, the dubstep music might be an acquired taste. There are certain elements of the tracks I intend to capture.

Let's Listen gaming tracks

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXCiCKu3Gps ---Vincent Valentine's Theme ( Extended )
And multiple other track's.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qq2SzNB0oEE ---Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core - A Flower Blooming in the Slums

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9qavey27Kc ---'Forgotten Dreams' Mix

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfiN7ejg2Ho ---MitiS - Parting
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFFuqCuEfKQ --- Chillstep Mix #1【Beautiful/Ambient/Relaxing】
( Chillstep Mix #1-3, 5 )
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mVhUq5dIvU ---Torqux - Psychopath (Bassex Remix)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WEBiOELpPI ---[Electro House] Illenium - Escape ft. Marilyn Lindquist
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAyG42tt8us ---B.o.B - Ray Bans (CRNKN Dubstep Remix) | HD
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWOzqSbK_cU ---MitiS - Don't Know
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-R0uBm-uNcE ---MitiS - Anything in the World
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxLpUcJIJv4 ---Florence and The Machine - Over The Love (Illenium Remix)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsGiBwK4Ycc ---Yuna - Lullabies (Adventure Club Remix)

25th Apr 2014, 23:15
The 7 Shades of grey:

( Create your very own Sephiroth Sprite or something similar in the quick reply )


The Battle at the End of Time
( Taking place in the deepest parts of the universe. The infinite plains, where the Ancient Weapons are
"It look's like we are having our own reunion friend"

( Have you seen Advent Children? If you thought the Sephiroth Vs Cloud Vs Shinra Building fight was cool. Then wait until you see where this journey will end my tomodachi's )

To be continued...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PouPJj0Ay9M --- MitiS - Live Long

not sure if that matter's

***I'm working on the one hole of Violet's accent. Want her to be a southern gal.***

30th Apr 2014, 03:24
Disc 2

( Take your idea. And change it from Green to Purple )

King and Queen of the Moonlight

The Beacon: The Gift

In the beginning, there was light and hope. When darkness came, the Beacon became tainted. The shard of light was cracked into 2 pieces. Hope remained...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-NXLOwUgRg --- Papa Roach - Blood Brothers

The Calamity fell from the sky 140 years before. The 13 Knights were cast away from the City of Alexandria. There was war across the surface.

Wounded from the scars of battle. Gaia ( or Pangaea ) was fighting for her life. She had no choice but to fight back.

Desperately she released her secrets, the day fear was created.

Upon the Shards leaving Alexandria. The Red Lions dwindled in number, waging war in retaliation. Even more so did the GI push.

The humans lost purpose in themselves. They moved away from the Beacon, far across the world they spread. Years went by. Slowly but surely, they created civilization. There were those that were closest to the Beacon. And others that were not.

The Queen

In center of the town is the developing market. There were produce stands, precious metals as well as commotion.

The Square is located central to all of the stands.

( Wake up Shinra )

A hooded figure stands in the middle of the Square. Near those that were closest to the light

??:" My friends, surely you stlll remember? Yearning to be with the light!"
Man 1:"But they left long ago."

??:"Then why still do they hold the secret's?"
"They view us inferior to them, that's why my friends!"

Merchant Woman 1:"What do you speak of?"
??:"They hold the gift's of the Beacon yet!"

Man 2:"How do you know of this?"
??:"For I have seen the way, my friends.

Man 3:"State your name?"

??:"Neither here nor there, my beauty known everywhere. From the North do I come to you this day. With good news spread afar."

The hooded figure dropped the cloak from her head. Her hair is so bright it is almost shining.

??:"My friends, you may call me Genova of Zolom."

The men stood there inspired in awe. Her looks raptures them.

Man 1: "Please will you share this news with us?"
Genova:" Indeed, for you are all loved by me."

( Sorry Ladies and Gents gotta hold what cards I got left. Why? Because I need them for when we get to left field. )

Mystile Canyon

His battle cry, legendary. He lead's his people, spear heading the advance in the Tundra. At the foothold of the invading Hissic Pact Clan.

( Wake up Apocalypse )

Alas, The Calamity's power too much. A final attack, that lead to the presuppose of change.

Gaia released her grief upon the lands. Her children's flame, faded back to her heart.

Battle scars from remnants past, his body littered. Travesty begotten, the will to endure. Fear hath remain

The air in the canyon is thick. Desiccated from recent attacks from GI Warriors.

Naraj was one of few remaining, original Red Lion Clan. He was closest with the Planet from his siblings.

Naraj:"A foul breeze set's in from the east. Darkness lingers in the silence of Gaia. I have seen the validity of our enemy that is common to us."

The old man talking with Naraj has a mustache and funny beard upon his face.

Old Man:"I will listen to what you have to say."

( Why the Old Man? It is a Divine Comedy, because it is only a matter of time )


The Squire

( So in regards too the Cetra name selection. For Family names I will be using names that reflect Aspect's. This is going to have serious consequences on idea's of Materia.

After all, is Materia not the memories of Ancients in a stasis? <--- ( We will find that memory ;)

But, it is also going to let me introduce healer's into the group! Cetra are peaceful, they don't want war.

During war they will take on a War name. Jaffe Malice ---> Azura Malice ---> Obsidian Malice. <-----(( What I am really saying here is, before the meteor was 'supposed to hit' there is a shadow. AND Jenova brought corruption the build up for War. Meteor is symbolic of the Calamity Falling from the sky. THIS IS A TRICK . Because we KNOW that there was a build up to the meteor fall in 1997. The Calamity is Corruption, the Vessel of Corruption is EVERYONE because they have FEAR. But if the Vessel had a head and shoulder's it might be called Sephiroth. I have chosen Obsidian as an evil? character name. Symbolic to the elements / composition of a Meteor. Obsidian is front runner in flints / arrow head sharpness. So I think it has a perfect spot in the core of Meteor! ))

Example: The Proto-Materia Chaos, named after an event. What event? Let's find out! )

The crowds rejoiced to see their beacon of hope, the wielder of light! in the town of Clandestine.

( We'll come back! )

A Race to the Finish

Gold Saucer Greeter:" Congratulations! You are our 100th visitors for the day! You get a free day of Admission, and ticket's to tonight Event!!

Violet:"Oh Reiss, it's our lucky day!"
Reiss:" Who would have known!"

Gold Saucer Greeter:"Enjoy!"

Reiss and Violet exit the tunnel into the Tube Room.

Reiss:" What the @#$@ is this place?"
Violet:" This is where we---"

'PHS Ringing'

Reiss:"I thought you turned it off?"
Violet:"I did...."

Violet takes out her Red Emergency work phs phone.


Violet:" Hey Boss, everything OK?"

Destination Paradise
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4vMsuV4U4s --- Let's Listen: Final Fantasy VII Music - Town Of Wutai (Extended)
( Here we Grow! )

Nanaki:" Farewell Godo, thank you for your hospitality."
Godo:" Farewell my friend, may the stars guide you true."

The Airship is located on the outskirts of town. The group is a little distance away from the Pagoda now.

Nanaki"I must catch up."

Weapon Shop Owner:" So long Yuffie, good luck!"
( The Materia Shop Owner snubs / mean mugs Yuffie? ( Reader decides )

Yuffie:" You KNOW Cloud, you should be more grateful we are friends!"
Cloud:"Oh, tell me more about that Yuffie."

Yuffie:" I was thinking that everyone had a great time right?"
Denzel and Marlene: "Yea!!"

Cloud:"What are you getting at?" <---( Choice )

Yuffie:"Tifa and You should come back again. I found new places we can explore!! Here look I will show you on your map!"

Cloud:"We have to keep going." <--- ( Choice )

Yuffie:"Right! Let's go get Vincent!"

Cloud started to get a small ringing in his ear away from Tifa.
Cloud:"It's nothing Tifa."

Barret:"What's up spiky, whut you thinking over there?"
Cloud:"It's just..nothing."

"C'mon Cloud, you got this."

The Airship is getting closer now. The group is coming up to one of the last ( Sakura? ) tree's past the Arch.

Cloud:" Wait, where is Nanaki?"

Cid:"Good question, thought he was here earlier."

The group's focus shifts, they turn around.

Yuffie:"Here he comes now!"

Cloud reaches out for the tree to lean on. That's when he came from the Shadow of the Sakura.

Genesis:"My friend, do you fly away now?
To a world that abhors you and I?
All that awaits you is a somber morrow
No matter where the winds may blow"

Tifa is the first to turn around and see Cloud losing control.

Tifa:"What do you want..."

( Will someone make a scene of that?! )

Genesis:" Fear not, for I bring good new's to you!"
"The light hath Returned!"

Tifa:"Get away from him."

Tifa's fist started to subtly permeate a hue of blue energy. In response to Cloud's threat.

Tifa:"Your lies are not welcome here!"

Tifa dashes so fast, it is slightly still framed to capture.

Genesis:"Even if the morrow is barren of promises
Nothing shall forestall my return"

A Race to the Finish

Violet is on a emergency call from Barret.

Violet:"Whatt'ya mean boss? Calm down would ya?"
Barret:"You guys need to get to a safe place now!"
"All types of crazy @#$# is goin down here! Stay away from ANY Black Capes.

Get Reiss and get your @$# back in town. We gonna pick you up."

Violet:"OK boss, are you ok?"
Barret:"I dunno, I'll explain it later. Don't do anything I wouldn't!"



Violet:" We have to come back here another time Reiss."
"I think Barret and his friends are in danger."

Reiss:"So what do we have to do?"
Violet:"The Boss said he was gonna pick us up in town."

The Drift

Tifa: Cloud, he is never going to get better if he can never hit you.

Cloud'That's right!

Cloud:"Let's try it differently today."
"I will use this stick on the ground today. You use the one Reeve gave to you."


Cloud:" OK, now fly!"

Destination Paradise

Clones are materializing beyond the Shera II. Yuffie saw the one's up high on boulders.

Barret:" Uhuh, not today suckas!

( The Mako energy required for gun arm cartridges will be a result from oil operations. Because I think that the Oil in Gaia has definitely got some trace of Mako energy. I.E. additional pressure distribution for Crummel oil operations. His shells are mako cartridges / oil based fuel )

Firing at the group of clones.

There is a spawn that much bigger than the rest.

Tifa:"You just don't understand!"
( Wake Up ' Heightened Emotions ' Crisis Core )

More clones.

Tifa:"Reeve get Cloud, Marlene and Denzel out of here!"
Reeve:"Where do you want me to go?"

Barret:"Wait a damn second now."

Takes his cell phone out.
( call complete )

Barret:" Yo take them to the ship. Pick up Violet and Reiss, meet back up here."
"We got this."

Reeve:" Ok, I'm glad i brought my briefcase today!"

The Drift

[Dubstep] - Fractal - Elements [Monstercat EP Release] --- [Dubstep] - Fractal - Elements [Monstercat EP Release]

Aerith:" Cloud are you ok?" I see that you are struggling?
Cloud:"I don't know what is going on anymore..."
Aerith:" You are doing REALLY good Cloud.
"And you finally took my advice!"
Cloud:" But I--"
Aerith:" No buts!"
"You've always known what to do all along Cloud. Keep believing in yourself. Everything else will be ok! I promise."

Cloud:"Thing's are different now..."
Aerith:"Everything is as it's meant to be silly!"
Cloud:"I trust you. I am just tired."
Aerith:"Keep up the good work Cloud!"
Cloud:" What do you mean?"
Aerith:" Cloud...there is not much time left. Forgive me for this..."

'Cloud...Cloud are you ok?'

Destination Paradise

"My friend, the fates are cruel
There are no dreams, no honor remains
The arrow has left, the bow of the goddess"

Cloud:"Ugggh...what happened?"
Marlene:"Cloud you are ok!"
"I was so worried about you. You fell down when that bad man appeared."

Cloud:"Oh no Genesis!"
"Marlene, where is everyone?!"
Marlene:"We had to leave when the monster's came back!"
"Papa said ' Reeve take them outta here '"
"Cait Sith just went to get Violet and Reiss. Denzel maybe went with him?"

Denzel:"Can I come with you please?"
Caith Sith:"Today doesn't look good. But another day!"


Marlene:" Cloud you need to be more careful!"
Cloud:" Thanks Marlene, I will."

Cloud takes out his PHS cell phone to call Tifa.
***( This will be a pivotal moment for something sinister later in the game. Do you catch the drift? )***

'I hope everyone is ok'

Tifa:"Cloud! are you ok?"
Cloud:"Yes, I am fine. Are you ok?"
Tifa:"Yes, we are all good for now."
"I did not get Genesis...But there are no more clones."

Cloud:"Alright, so we must prepare then."
Tifa:"Yes, and Cloud that is not it."
"Godo said he needs to speak to you."

Cloud:" OK, we will be returning soon."

Destination Paradise

Cloud:"Wait here on the ship with Denzel and Marlene. I am going back in.
Caith Sith:"Right-oh!"

Barret:" These damn fool's just can't take the hint!"
Cid:" Hah! Exactly my thought's."
Tifa:" Let's show them the way!"

Nanaki:" Their number's have not increased, yet each time we send it back. It still manifest's...Is there no end?"

Yuffie:"Ewwwwwwwwwwwww it touched me!!!! Yuckkk, get back!"

Yuffie upper slashes the clone. The initial slash sends the clone airborne. Darkness unfolds before Yuffie's eyes.

The clone dematerializes in the air, when it hit's the ground it is only a splash of darkness.

Cloud:" I must hurry."

Cid:"Damn, what the #$#@ is next?"

The wave seems to have stopped. There are only puddle's of darkness lingering on the battered earth before them.

Barret:"Is that it?!"

Yuffie:"It is clear over here!"

Barret:" I'm glad that's over with then..."

Everyone regroups. Nanaki is seen analyzing the puddles of darkness.

Nanaki: "This substance is different than the previous Jenova Specimen's."
He leans in closer to smell the dark pool.

A small piece of black substance stucj on his nose for a second. He shook it off.

Cid waving back to Nanaki :" Yo, let's go!"

Nanaki" I'm going now."

Barret:" This ain't no good, we need to stay on our guard."
Tifa:" It's true then. Genesis has returned."
Yuffie:" I remember him!"
Cid:" So what does this all mean? I bet Cloud might know something."
Nanaki sneezes:" I do not like whatever this is"

Cloud:" Let's go guys, Marlene and Denzel are staying on the ship with Reeve."
Reiss: I'm ready!"

Cloud:" So Reiss are you sure you have a good understanding on what we talked about on the ship?"
Reiss:" I do now Cloud, thanks to you. The fighting system is really easy to pick up."

Cloud:" Are you ready Violet?"
Violet:" I know my way around a fight, darlin'

Cloud:"We'll go over the Advanced Materia Junction System later."

The Squire

Crowd:" Jaffee has saved Clandestine again!"
Crowd:" His strength is legendary!"
Crowd:" By the beacon is he guided!"
Crowd:" May it light his path!"

Etherial:" They are putting it on heavy today Jaffee."
Jaffee:"All of these citizens owe everything to what we did for them."
Crystal:" We surely sent back the Hissic where they came from! Least they remain..."

Etherial:" Yeah we did. We annihilated those weaklings. It's not everyday that I get to use my good friend __________" .( reader; please decide on what type of weapon Etherial should have and give it a name. Or should it be the Buster Sword? )
Jaffee: " Indeed they were weak. But their fighting posture was different this time."
Etherial:" I took notice. I wonder why?"
Jaffee:" Perhaps our enemy is changing."

Crystal:" What do we do next?"

Jaffee:"Return home, make liberty."

Jaffee looks to Etherial, " Visit your loved ones, say hello for me as well."
Etherial:" What will you do Jaffee?"

Jaffee:" I will look to my father for guidance."

Vincent:"Why are you showing me this?
Etherial:" You seek answers for your atonement. Vincent, only you are strong enough to share these memories together. Whilst I slumbered in Chaos. Threw your eye's, did I not see the own error in my ways. Your dedication to your friends has shown me the way. I am thankful for this. I can show you the answers you seek before it is too late."

Crystal:" Let's get going then."
Jaffee:" Until next time."

Outside Ancient Corel

Etherial's home is located just on the outskirts of town. Jaffee lived in the center of town.

He can see his son playing in the orchards.

Etherial:" Home sweet home."

Destination Paradise

Cloud:" We're late!"
Tifa:" I'm glad you are back Cloud, are you ok?"
Cloud:" Never better, is everything OK here?"
Barret flails his arms: " A whole buncha crazy #$%^. went down."
"But we handled it!"

Nanaki:" There was a strange black substance."

Cloud:"We have to find Genesis, but first we need to get Vincent."
Cid:" Let's go!"

Cosmo Canyon

Pierce ( Watch Captain of the Guard ): Welcome home Nanaki.
Nanaki: Hello there, Pierce. How are you this evening?

Pierce: "We are all much better now that you are home safe. Is everything alright out in the world?"
Nanaki:" I'm afraid there may be some troubling times ahead."
Pierce:" We need not fear, for we have the Guardian of Cosmo Canyon.

Weapon Shop Owner:" Welcome home Nanaki, please feel free to look around."

Nanaki: "Pierce, have you been checking on our guest?"
Pierce: "Mr. Valentine is still sleeping."

Cloud:" I'm not surprised he's asleep. We DID find him that way though."
Cid: " Wait a second now, you mean to tell me..."
Yuffie:"C'mon guys, let's wake him up already!"

King and Queen of the Moonlight

Etherial:"This was when everything changed Vincent. After Jaffee met her."
Vincent:"Are you saying your friend Jaffee, and Genova...?"

Vincent:"This is ridiculous, and difficult to understand. How can I believe this?"
Etherial:" I do not ask you to believe me. I only want to prevent your own plight into Chaos."

"There is much more I need to share with you Vincent. Time is short for you in this place. Return to your slumber, when you are ready to listen more. I shall return."

Destination Paradise

Cid:"How does he do it? Sleeping in there all damn day and night."
Barret:" It's gotta be crammed."
Violet:" That's strange..."

knock knock

Cloud:" Vincent, are you awake?"
Vincent:"Who disturbs my slumber? You have made my nightmare real."

Barret:"Damn, that's some cryptic $%&^."
Cloud:" It's Cloud and everyone."

Vincent:" I am awake, will you please meet me near the fire in 10 minutes?"
Cloud:"No problem."

The Fire Inside
Vincent:"I don't know if I can control Chaos much longer. My mind is rippling."
Nanaki:"Perhaps you should reside in Nibelheim again?"
Vincent:"Going to Nibelheim would only make things worse."

Cloud:"What's up with you Vincent? I haven't seen you like this for a long time."
Vincent:"I've been having terrible nightmares recently."

Vincent:"It started in Nibelheim. I'm not sure how long ago it was. My nightmares of Lucrecia and Sephiroth."
Yuffie:"Don't worry Vincent! That's why WE are here." ( signature Yuffie wink )
Cloud:"Yuffie is right Vincent. We've got each others back."

Vincent:"That's not it, Jenova was there."
Barret:"No need to worry about her."
Vincent:"This Jenova was different then the others."

Cloud:"What do you mean?!"
Vincent:"She looked just like Lucrecia."
Cloud:"They were only bad dreams."
"But, to accept them as reality is another story."

Vincent:" We shall see where time takes us."
"Why is everyone gathered here?"

Tifa:"Because Genesis has returned."
Vincent:" Genesis...are you sure?"
Cloud:"Yes Vincent, it's true. It happened in Wutai, he walked out from the shadows."

Vincent looks away into the distance.

Vincent:" Things are certainly different since the last time we met."

The blazing fire crackled Life into the air of the Canyon.

Barret:" Ya know. Looking back on how we got to today is something incredible. At the end of the day, alls I can be is grateful.
So many of my friends along the way...The one reason we all are here together. All of my mistakes.

I know that I can count on anyone here. Threw thick and thin.

It's because of you guy's that I am still here today.

Turkish Innuendo

Tseng:" Sir, Cloud and his friends are all at Cosmo Canyon. Vincent has joined them."
Rufus Shinra Jr:"Tseng, I want you to send Elena to them with a message. Please have them meet us Junon.
And give Cloud this keycard."

The Fire Inside

Reiss:" Who is Genesis, Cloud?"
Cloud: "He was a person who became influenced by the cell of Jenova. It was a mandatory procedure for the Soldier Program for Shinra."

Violet:"Shinra are the ones that started this whole mess."

Cloud:"The Jenova G-Cells that Genesis received are different than the ones Sephiroth, Zack and I received.
The G-Cells were mutated by Hollander of Shinra Science Department."

Barret:" Who the #$%$ is Zack?"
Cloud:"Zack was Ex-Soldier. My comrade, Tifa's as well. He saved our lives from Shinra. It was right before I met with Avalanche."
Tifa:" Sometimes it is difficult for me to remember him. Yes, I am glad to have met Zack. And everyone else along our way."
Cloud:"Me too..

So the difference between Genesis and I.

The G-Cells provided to him were not permanent. They needed to be re-administered. Jenova S-Cells are the predecessor to the G-Cells.

Together Zack, Sephiroth, and I put an end to Genesis.

Then Sephiroth, Soldier First Class found out he received the Jenova S-Cells by ways of Professor Hojo. The S-Cells are permanent effect. There is no degradation process for them."

Reiss:"Everyone knows about Sephiroth, you fought with him?"

Cloud:"Yes, it's a long story. We'll stick with Genesis for now.

After his defeat. Genesis stated that he would return again one day. It is fitting that he would return now."
Yuffie:" That Genesis, what a jerk! He made a ruckus in my home, again!!!"
Reeve:"Blasted Hollander...his meddling into Ghast's Research."

Cid:"So how do we fit in?"
Reeve:"Whatever the reason for Genesis' return. It is most likely not a good reason."
Cloud:"So we will look for Genesis.

Elena:"You will never find him Cloud!"
Cloud:"Elena?! Where did you come from??"
Elena:"It doesn't matter you spiky haired brat!"
Cloud:"Whoa, is that any way to talk to an old friend?"

Elena:"The President request's to see you in Junon at once."
Tifa:"Such perfect timing, don't you think Elena?"


Symbol of the Moon

The waves crest, perch and reside.
A battered coast, enigmatic past hath slumbered.
Friends misplaced, as the legends died.
Weapon no more, our days numbered.

Darkness ahead, is there no end?
In the Abyss, we will hide our nightmares.
To prey upon the light.

President Rufus:"Ah, Cloud. Thank you for accepting my request on such short notice."
Cloud:"Rufus, Why are we here meeting in Junon?"


( Side Story )
( Sometime between the events of Crisis Core and Fina Fantasy 7 )

The Hooded One ( THO ): " You have done well apprentice, the disruption of enemy operations has been successful. Hitherto their efforts are now in vein."

Jax: "What will I do next?"
THO: " You must return to Deepground and wait. It is only a matter of time now that our enemies submit to our will."

( Will be coming back to this part after more Deepground research )

27th Jul 2014, 01:47
Theoretical / Theological Epilogue:
( Open for Comments )

Time. You and I are there now. Life is experience, time is the surf board we ride the different wave lengths. We have faith and magic. They are conflicting in certain situations, creating confusion in the fabric's of our reality.

To be at the end of your time is to soon to be dead. Non existent in the physical form, yet still maintaining life as we clearly see with Aerith and Zack.

If one speaks more than one language. They might know that the infrastructure of languages, in comparison to other's, seem's relatively backwards. Backwards...a very important theme one can use to analyze the society in FF7.

When I ask myself what it means...the word LIFE. I look at both sides of our societal words to find the clues.

( this can be used for the world of FF7 as well )

If one analyzes an object. One knows there is a + and -

+ Light - Dark

Here are my 2 words, my theme I will keep in this story.

Light ( love )
Dark ( fear )

Light ( future )
or ( now )
Dark ( past )

In the present now, the future and past meet. If one were to analyze this as a map to the several dimensions of reality ( we live in the 'time' dimension ) it paint's a picture.

Magic and faith coming together yet?

Light ( **love )
Dark ( **lived )

( **examine these words backwards )

Because what will happen if one chose to get rid of the letters.

If you cast away LOVE then the word EVOLVE can not exist.

And Lived...

In regards to Aerith and Zack.

They met the end of their time, yet they still exist. Are they a figment of imagination for our heroes? Or perhaps a controlled projection of the master manipulator?

Can Cloud pierce the darkness, to find out what lies beyond the edge of time?

18th Feb 2015, 05:45
Time to dust off, or break the oxidation.

Whatever your hands fancy. Just remember to make sure your quill is precise and well is deep.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avXQPMNIj-k ---- Spag Heddy - Love On First Sine


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRgPvZgtdmc --- Mos Def - Mathematics

Major spoiler information ahead;( Limited time viewing )

So you may notice that I am changing the name of Etherial to Areku. HOWEVER, this will implemented later in the story

To ensure a dramatic / sorrowful / climactic finale. Also, I intend to expand some more on Disc 1 and Disc 2.

The Chaos plight vision finale is as follows. Areku and Crystal form a unique bond.

Then after that, -1+2 = 1

Four shards scattered upon oblivion.

Why Areku?

Watashi wa Areku