View Full Version : FFVII event at Pax East Boston 2014?

21st Mar 2014, 02:03
First and Foremost

Square-Enix will be releasing some new games this year at the East Pax in Boston, MA April 11-13 2014.

Unconfirmed sources claim there is a scheduled event for FF7 Fans at the Pax-East. It is said that Square will actually be asking it's fans for stories they have made. It seems a possible Final Fantasy 7 remake will be coming out sometime near its 20th year anniversary in 2017


21st Mar 2014, 02:35
Secondly, is fan fiction allowed here?

Here in this forum? Why, yes. As long as they are somehow related to Square Enix, you may post any stories you may want to share.

21st Mar 2014, 02:43
Ok thanks!!

17th Apr 2014, 04:32
I just wanted to say thank you to Square Enix for taking the time to check out my fan fiction story named FF7: Catching the Drift.

My CONFIRMED source tell's me the story was displayed on the SE Projector.

It turns out my source took home honorable mentions in the COD tournaments. Congrats to him as well.

Stay tuned in the Forums for Updates from my story which I think is a winner in the making.

Very Respectfully