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20th Mar 2014, 17:19
requesting limit on the number of time you can farm an instance to reduce the lag ESPACIALLY in aurum vale the lag there is virtually insane with 5 to 15 seconds lag spikes because there are too many players chain farming this place all day long to reach 50 because they fail to do camp blue frog fates

25th Mar 2014, 10:48
I think you may be misunderstanding the cause of lag with this game which is nothing to do with the number of instances. The way the server farms are set up allow a certain number of instances to be active at any particular time, just because a lot of people maybe using AV to level does not mean that is the cause of the lag because the servers would not allow more instance to be running than the system is designed to handle. Players would be in a queue with a 'reserving instance' message if there were no available instances, this used to be a problem with Amdapor Keep where full parties of 4 players had to wait to get in as there were no free instances. This was one of the reasons they changed the Grand Company quest to AV to ease up the stress and queue times for AK.

There can be numerous reasons for lag spikes and if you take a look at the many threads over at the Lodestone forums you will see the common factor is the routes going through America that different ISP's use. There are several areas that are constantly causing severe lag for players and they have been doing trace routes and providing the details to their ISP's because it is their responsibility to provide stable routing partners. Your connection maybe perfect for other games etc but you have to bare in mind that it will be going to different destinations and not going through these bad service routes.

I used to get terrible lag with Sky broadband (which a lot of people also reported) because their routing partners in the states were these bad areas, I swapped by ISP to PlusNet and got an instant improvement because this ISP does not use those same routing partners and the connection is not timing out while navigating the route to the servers.

I can totally understand your frustration over the lag because I've been there myself and thought it was all the fault of poor servers that SE insist on bundling all together in Canada but after research I discovered it was actually my ISP to blame. I'd recommend checking out the Lodestone forums to see if your ISP has been mentioned in the bunch of providers using these bad routes.

Hope this helps explain the lag issue.