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19th Mar 2014, 23:05

New Bow for scout (possibly hunter?)

Title Suggestions? Maelstrom

Description: This Bow uses heavy blunted arrows that Ricochet off surfaces and enemies.

Unique Traits: Shots can bounce off both Vampires and Environment maximum X (undecided, but possibly 5) times losing either 10, 20,or 30 dmg per bounce. 5 round clip max ammo 35 rounds, reload speed 1.5, RoF 1.0 shots can hit targets (x) Times through bouncing. Bouncing direction directly affected by angle of shot and surface,

Damage: Initial Draw 210 Full Power 380

Why this should be implemented:
As it currently stands humans use only projectile weapons, none of them with a direct bouncing affect, if scouts especially were to get their hands on this, along with their grappling hook, can use this bow when their human allies below have been pushed into a enclosed space to where the scout can fire a well placed charged shot which can then damage a group of vampires hiding just out of the scouts line of sight. Of course by reducing damage per bounce further if needed we can eliminate the option of simply spraying blunt arrows and forcing the scout to take a more careful aim. Perhaps adding a maximum bounce hit per arrow on a vampire so the vampire may only be hit a maximum 3x and then be immune to that specific arrow. It would be an alternative to the static location Stormbow, allowing rangers to hit targets through skillful well aimed shots, making the shooting player only vulnerable to this particular ammunition. Is an option as well.

Regards BlackH20

20th Mar 2014, 03:07
Because what anyone needs is scouts with more AOE spamming at people's feet. I'm sorry, it's good to see new ideas and suggestions, but if that suggestion is for a "marksman" class that *doesnt* punish bad aim, but actually encourages it....I gotta say no thanks, man. I'm sorry. I can't get behind this.