View Full Version : Batman:AA is asking for a Serial?

2nd Apr 2010, 13:38
The installation of Batman:AA is asking for a 'SERIAL'. To my knowledge, I haven't been given one. I purchased the game via Steam.

I've been given a 'CD Key' by Batman, but I think this is the unlock license that I'll enter at a later stage when the installation says "Please enter your SERIAL in the supplied text area and press ACTIVATE to unlock. This will connect to the license server via the Internet and request an unlock license. Press CANCEL to abort."

I've also been given a 'Confirmation Code' as proof of purchase by Steam, but this covers the transaction of Batman, AVP2010 and AVP's DLC.

Where should I look for this SERIAL code?

2nd Apr 2010, 16:48
right click on the steam icon in the stem interface it should have the serial there