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19th Mar 2014, 20:44
The blog says these aren't representative of in-game final models, so I figure we still have a chance to give our input. I think the elder Dumahim and Razielim should both be baring fangs, just like the elder Turelim and fledgling Sentinel. Right now they look a little too ... docile:



The facial expression alone makes the elder Turelim feel way more intimidating:


19th Mar 2014, 21:10
"I think the elder Dumahim and Razielim should both be bearing fangs,"

I think they both thave them, it´s just their mouths are closed so you can´t see them on the render unlike the Turelim.
Even the current in-game models have fangs.

20th Mar 2014, 07:02
I think they both thave them, it´s just their mouths are closed so you can´t see them on the render unlike the Turelim. Even the current in-game models have fangs.

Seeing is believing. ;) I'm simply hoping for the models to have their mouths opened, visibly baring their fangs.

P.S. I don't think the current fledgling Reaver is baring fangs, but his facial expression is still pretty menacing. Even if the elder Razielim/Dumahim don't get exposed fangs, they could look a little meaner.

30th Mar 2014, 04:15
What are "Elder" models? Reskins?

30th Mar 2014, 04:50
What are "Elder" models? Reskins?

If you check the older blog entries, you'll see what they're talking about.

Short version: in nosgoth the vampires are fledglings, young members of their clan, centuries later in soul reaver 1 all of the vampires become devolved monsters, the "elder skin" is a middle ground between these two points.

30th Mar 2014, 09:13
Apparently, the Elder Dumahim actually has 2 rows of teeth =P

30th Mar 2014, 13:17
careful with the terminology ;)

Fledglings > Adults > Elders

The evolved skins are adults, (putting the lieutenants and Tomb Guardian from SR1 to one side), clan "elders" are as yet unseen.

30th Mar 2014, 18:04
I've dug up some lore since I'm new to LoK. I realy do like the fledglings and adults look but the Elder don't realy appear to be "Vampiric" anymore. I know they "evolved" but I'd rather see more types of Fledglins and Adults that have some more "Vampiric" or humanoid traits instead of the beastial forms the Elders have.

31st Mar 2014, 10:00
You mean like Buffy/Twilight/TrueBlood?

31st Mar 2014, 10:40
instead of beastial forms the Elders have.

Aren´t they just adult vampires with high rank?

31st Mar 2014, 15:43
You mean like Buffy/Twilight/TrueBlood?
No like the vampires in Blade I and Blade II or just the current look. Just a matter of taste I guess and what ever tiest in with the lore of LoK but it seems a bit odd. I always thought vampires were supposed to look a bit humanoid and are not some kind of other beasts that have nothing to do with humans.

On a side note, do the humans evolve too in LoK?

Arent´ they just adult vampires with high rank?
From my understanding they are an "evolved" form of the vampires we currently see ingame. Using the words adults and fledlings can be a bit confusing but I wouldn't say that its part of their life cycle to become and Elder but more of a shift in "race" an evolution of the gene pool so to speak.

31st Mar 2014, 16:13
The vampires in this franchise inherited an insanity from their creator that causes them to lose control of their evolution, so that their form mutates according to what's in their subconscious.

The vampires in Blade are from entirely different franchise and their design is more suited to the world they live in. They live in a modern time and hide among humans, so it would be silly for them to look like monsters. The vampires in Legacy of Kain have rule over humanity for centuries, so they don't have that problem.